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  1. I'm assuming most of the people on this forum are around my age because of how long this forum has been around. I'm wondering how many people from my generation still have their old pokemon cards. Come on you know you did it too. I still have a box of them with probably around 500 cards in it. I have quite a few Holifoil cards and I believe my rarest was this japanese holifoil charizard. I remember pricing it a while back and it came out to somewhere around $150. I could be wrong, not sure if this is the right edition or not but it looks similar to this. So how many of you still have pokemon cards and if so whats your rarest catch?
  2. Alpha, I'm going to tell you the pro's and cons of this. One it really depends on what you do for a living. If you work in retail it will be rather easy to get her to go out. Just say hey lets go to lunch today. If your in an office setting I suggest forgetting the idea completely unless your in different departments. Its not entirely about what to ask her out for as long as you have confidence in yourself to do so. That aside if it ends badly in a retail job, its just a retail job and if it gets bad enough either one of you can find a new job. If its a office type job then chances are your company will frown upon inner office relationships. It could result in the both of you terminated. Work relationships usually bring a lot of drama because; 1. if someone comes down on her you will always side with her even if shes in the wrong and vice versa. 2. if you or her are in any type of leadership role then chances are people will talk a lot of crap which will result in turbulence. If the company you work for has no rules on the matter go for it, but beware there's always a downside to work relations. For one you and her wont have much to talk about once you get to be more intimate. You also need to figure out exactly what you want out of this. Is it just for sex or is it for a potential relationship. That aside.. I've had a couple relationships with co workers. It also depends on who you are. I'm not a jealous person so if I saw them talking to someone and flirting I didn't really care. It was a retail job though so it wasn't very serious for me. The relationship itself was fun and we made things work, were still even friends today although we just stopped out of no where really. I suggest if you do manage a relationship with her set up a work rule that you don't tell anyone. She can easily say shes got a boyfriend with out saying who. You can do the same. It will allow you to keep your relationship out of work. But its a heavy burden. Just my two cents.
  3. I'm assuming it was a joke, because australian too is english, although there's some extra words in their vocabulary its not majorly different than any other form of english. I tried to learn Gaelic a long time ago. Thats an interesting language.
  4. Here's a little something to help you think a bit more about your strategy. http://www.buzzfeed.com/justinabarca/how-long-would-you-survive-in-a-zombie-apocalypse
  5. I had a friend that used to only watch porn. You could ask him if hes seen the newest Alice in wonderland movie and he would say "You mean Malice in wonderland."
  6. Normally I would say not very often. Maybe twice a month. Though I've gone months without it in the past. Unfortunately recently my wife has not been putting out. And with having a kid I don't really have the liberty with time. So currently I would say 3-4 times a week for about 30-45 minute increments.
  7. I want to subscribe to her channel just to see more of her. I'd have nothing to do with the accent though. Seems like some kind of secret code.
  8. Speaking of twitch.tv the game "Path Of Exile" is completely free, when you log in for the first time it actually states that you can log into your twitch account there and record from in game. The game itself was created by a bunch of fans of diablo 2 who were tired of waiting for blizzard to come out with a new game. Its a pretty stimulating game, maps are instances so you only encounter your teammates in maps. In towns you can interact with others. It seems pretty fun, and has a unique system. skills are used via crystals and crystals level up. Your character levels up too. The graphics aren't top notch but overall its not bad. Theres actually quite a lot detail. And its challenging. I wouldn't mind recording some of my games to upload to the channel if you like. I'm low level right now but I also haven't really focused on the game. I also play a lot of Diablo 3 and LoL which I can record some of.
  9. That would be fun... a giant 1Emu clan. We've already got the forum for it. Log in and play. Go online and post your spoils and victories. That sounds like it would be too much fun though veristic. Should probably shut down that idea before it catches on
  10. I took spanish in high school mostly because a very large majority of california speaks spanish. I however no longer possess the ability to speak it at all really. I can however understand it. Also know quite a bit of japanese, its amazing what you can learn watching anime's.
  11. I've just started my vape business, but so far its not bad. It really depends on what you have to offer over the next guy. The market is really flooded with artificial flavoring and terrible chemicals. People are turning vapors into a bad thing and ruining it for everyone else. Some recent reports stated that lead, arsenic and some other trace fatal chemicals were found in some vapes. Theres another company called Cuttwoods that uses Titanium Dioxide (which is edible and adds a creamy taste to the flavors) but which has been found to be highly toxic if vaporized. So in essence the localities and state governments have been cracking down on these companies and passing laws that are ridiculous. Luckily I was smart and registered my company as an Extracts and Flavoring company. I do not use any nicotine in my products, and beyond that my products are made through an organic method (sounds ridiculous I know) but the flavors are not organic, they just are not the artificial flavors used by everyone else. I don't smoke either actually, but I like the flavors. Its like eating the candy without gaining the weight. Fulfills the desire. And my products are the healthiest out there, theres no side effects of vaping. Its technically water vapor that comes out so its like smoking flavored water. My company is maybe 1 of 5 that makes its own flavoring instead of using the expensive artificial flavors. And I'm probably the only company that does not use Nicotine in any of its products. Flavors: Red Licorice Black Licorice Cherry Bomb Banana (real banana not that laffy taffy artificial stuff.) Banana Strawberry Cad Burgandy (spelt that way on purpose) Mint Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake Hazelnut Burst Watermelon sours Gummy Bear Chocolate Gummy Bear
  12. My entire business runs off of cloud computing/storage. Having the ability to access this information from any computer (even on a vacation or at a library if i'm out) has made a big difference. It does have a certain level of risk to it I suppose as any one with some knowledge in hacking may be able to access it, and the fact that once its on the internet it will always be there. Just don't put anything you wouldn't want your kids to see.
  13. Feel free to pick which ever occupations are available on the list. Unfortunately you can only take 10 people so make sure you get what you need. Its almost impossible to have everything you could need within 10 people but do your best.
  14. Episode One The Beginning Scenario: Zombie Outbreak (you knew this would be the first!) Region: Los Angeles County, California Population: 9.9 Million Jobs: 1. Soldier M - Because it's very important to have someone capable of killing. Not everyone is psychologically prepared for this and in some instances may not pull the trigger. Their battle knowledge is important and would be required to survive. 2. Hunter M- As time goes on it could become more difficult to find food. Animal's will be evasive and can get away from these zombies. A hunter will help with tracking and killing prey, it also doesn't hurt to have another trigger finger on the team. Can also be used for income (skins/meats) 3.Chef F- unfortunately in these circumstances it will be difficult to obtain ingredients, however a chef will do their best to make the most of it and provide proper sustenance to the group. This will also help to keep morale high. Plus they know how to use a blade. Can also be used for income (making food to sell if there is extras) 4. Salesman M- While the idea of interacting with people is not ideal in these situations it may become necessary to barter for supplies as time proceeds on. Having someone that can sell a product is important too. 5. Farmer F - Organic vegetables will become more of a thing in this instance, this person was always very prepared and carries around tomato and corn seeds. Capable of planting into pots for mobility purposes. Source of income (grows vegetables that can be sold if necessary) 6. Chemist M- Has the potential to create items that can be used for healing or destructive purposes. Gun powder, alcohol, you name the chemical they can probably make it. Source of income (can make bombs or medicine) 7. Nurse F - Knows how to treat wounds and prevent infections. Chances are in a situation like this they will end up becoming more important than doctors. If you are injured to the point where you need a doctor chances are you are already dead. (You would not want to use this as a source of income as you do not want others knowing shes a nurse or being in a vulnerable situation) 8. Auto Repair Mechanic F- You may need transportation, and someone will need to maintain the transportation for you so that it doesn't break down at the worst possible time. 9. Structural Engineer F - You will need to see shelter, and upon finding shelter you will want to prevent any weaknesses from the outside. They can also help to fortify the location. 10. Electrician M - If I find a generator or some solar panels I will have someone that can get them all fixed up and working. Strategy: Its important to first find a secure location to hold up in. Someplace not easily accessible. My first strategy would be to find an apartment building with stone steps. The reason behind this is that if I take a sledge hammer and break out the steps at each stair well then the zombies cant follow me. The con's of this are that it can take a bit of time as these stone step blocks are rather thick. Advantages are that I will have access to all of the apartments from the second floor up and all of the stuff that may be in them. I will have to move cautiously to clear the building of zombies but after I've finished no more zombies can get up. I will have food/water from all the apartments that I have access to. In addition there may be more apartment buildings near by.I will have access to the ground floor via the railing (the railing will remain but the steps will be gone you can side step up and down the railing. If zombies start to horde around I can take a knife and a broom and clear my way. This can offer a lasting sanctuary against zombies. Finding an apartment building inside of a gated community with these is more idea as you can fortify the outer gates to provide double protection. Roles: My soldier would train 3 members of my group for 3 hours every day. Each day they would rotate so that by the 6th day everyone's had 6 hours of combat training. The 7th day would be a day to relax. The Chef would train the other 3 females for 2 hours to assist with cooking and learn to use the ingredients they have on hand. The hunter would provide security checks around the compound daily. They would also trap certain locations to prevent people from gaining the advantage over others. Each member of the team is required to stand watch 2-3 hours each night posted in different locations but visually across from each other to provide coverage of the entire area. The salesman's time will be to prepare any items that can be sold or bartered for. He will scavenge when possible through the apartments to ensure all items of necessity are being used. They may also keep inventory to provide use to everyone in limited amounts (rationing). The farmer will look for the best location in the building to plant their vegetables, if possible they will try to breed animals that are contained (pet rabbits and such) to provide safe meat. This may end up being the roof which will require some building to provide waterproofing support in case of gusts of wind or rain. The structural engineer can help with this as well as provide suitable upgrades to the compound for security reasons. The chemists immediate goals will be to create medicine to prevent additional illness from spreading between the team. At a later time the chemist will start teaching others (especially the nurse) how to mix these chemicals to provide options for the team. The nurse will spend a majority of her time learning other roles but will also perform check ups regularly. It is very important to have each member of the team examined at the very least every 3 days. With how the virus moves between animals and humans a bird bite could result in a zombie. The auto repair mechanic will spend most of his time learning from the structural engineer to assist with upgrades. Having the knowledge of how to assemble parts and fix cars gives him a learning edge to help with compound upgrades and if need be he can utilize parts from cars to do so. The structural engineer will need to closely examine regularly. Similar to the hunter although to make sure there are no structural weaknesses, this is to prevent attacks from humans and zombies alike. They will potentially partner up with multiple team members to accomplish goals quicker. The electrician will try to salvage and mechanical devices that he can. He found a chainsaw with out a chain, it run on electric but maybe he can rig that motorcycle battery to it?
  15. Greetings All! I bring to you today a fun new game I would like to try. General Guidelines: The game is quite simple, what would you do in the event of catastrophe? This is a survival guide planned by you. The rule's are simple, survive and do all you can to keep your group alive. You are given the option of 10 members for your team, you can choose from these members down below. After choosing your 10 members give a brief reason to why you have chosen them. The next thing is how you will utilize your team, you could have them focused on their job all day long but this would not be entirely beneficial as a soldier standing guard every day does not pass on the knowledge to others for combat, or a chef does not teach others how to cook. Also remember to keep this realistic. The event hasn't happened but it would need to be a survival guide as if it really did happen. Project Details: Scenario’s: Earthquake, Tsunami, Collapse of the Government, Invasion (Human), Invasion (Alien), Global Warming, Viral outbreak (pandemic), Nuclear, Atomic, Zombie outbreak, Impact Event. Regions: Florida, California, Hawaii, Tokyo, Beijing, Crimea (Russia), Nevada (desert) Tools: In most occasions specialized tools will only be available for the specific types of jobs that can use it. You would not be able to say that you have a tank unless you have a soldier to drive it. Some tools that are more common like a hammer can be used. Realistic tools only, if you have request for a specific tool and do not know if it would qualify please PM me. Jobs: 1. Body builder – very strong, feels the need to work out multiple times a day. Male/Female 2. Soldier – trained in most forms of combat, artillery, hand to hand, and weaponry. Male/Female 3. Dancer – Provocative dancer, capable of entertainment. Female Only 4. Bartender – Knows how to mix alcohol. Male/Female 5. Comedian - This entertainer is used to speaking to large groups of people, also is quite funny. Male/Female 6. Financial Analyst – Great with money, capable of seeing the value in things. Male/Female 7. PC Technician – Very Savvy with technology, able to rebuild computers and servers. Male/Female 8. Receptionist – Handles multiple tasks at once, high volume of calls, and will pick up your dry cleaning. Male/Female 9. Salesman – Used to sell printers and copiers, he shifted to watches. He could sell ice to an Eskimo! Male/Female 10. Pediatrician – Knowledgeable in curing what may ail children, knows common medical practices. Male/Female 11. Carpenter – Very good with his hands, he has experience building, if you need it built, he can organize it. Male only 12. Midwife – Experienced in the process of childbirth, although uncommon midwives can be male or female. Male/Female 13. Electrician – Great for making minor repairs on electronic devices. Also rewiring anything that may need it. Male/Female 14. Detective – They are very good at tracking clues and providing Intel. Upholds justice. Male/Female 15. Nurse – Capable of handling most injuries that do not require surgery or a specialist. Male/Female 16. Chef – Master of ingredients, makes some very delicious food. Male/Female 17. Hunter – Skilled at tracking and hunting animals. Has a gun rack in his truck. Male/Female 18. Teacher – Knowledgeable in general education. Male/Female 19. Phlebotomist – Skilled at extracting blood and transfusions. Injections are their thing. Male/Female 20. Librarian – Very organized, they always have their head in a book. Very intelligent. Male/Female 21. Entrepreneur – Master of making money, can build a business up from the ground and make it very successful fast. Male/Female 22. Blogger – Uses the internet to keep everyone invested in their words. Male/Female 23. Farmer – Knows how to till lands and grow crops. Male/Female 24. Pizza Deliverer – Drives their car as fast as they can to its destination to deliver gooey deliciousness. Male/Female 25. Inventor – Takes random ideas and makes them real. Not always guaranteed success. Male/Female 26. Animator – Brings cartoons/3D images to life. Male/Female 27. Welder Operator – Armed with a welder this person can weld some mean metal. Male/Female 28. Scientist – They were working on some of the newest technologies and are a brilliant mind. Male/Female 29. Structural Engineer – Capable of building small and large, they specialize in making sure the structure lasts a long time. Male/Female 30. Mail Carrier – This person’s job has been to sort and organize everything before delivery. Very meticulous at organizing. Male/Female 31. Massage Therapist – They have mastered many forms of massage and can relieve tension throughout the body. No happy endings. Male/Female. 32. Chemist – Knowledgeable in using the elements to create expected results. Male/Female 33. Psychologist – Studies the psychological impacts on humans. Male/Female 34. Animal Rights Activist – Has been arrested more times than Dennis Rodman, protests the treatment of animals everywhere. They are even against owning animals as pets. Male/Female 35. Liaison – Known as one of the greatest negotiators of our time this person can stop an issue before it even becomes an issue. Male/Female 36. Convict – No he doesn't have shiny eyes. What were they convicted for? I’m not asking. Male/Female 37. Firefighter – Known for fighting fires, bare fisted. Okay so maybe not those kinds of fights. Male Only 38. Drifter – Can handle the random odd jobs, but has no specialty. Male/Female 39. Captain – Knows the ins and outs of boats and how to navigate. Male/Female 40. Model – Very beautiful. Used to do runways in Paris. Female only 41. Auto Repair Mechanic – Can fix cars with the right parts. Male/Female 42. Bag Clerk – Works at the local grocery store bagging your groceries. Male/Female 43. Barista – It’s Folgers in your cup! Male/Female 44. Astronomer – Studies the stars. Male/Female 45. Banker – Counts the money, deposits the money. Male/Female 46. Gelato Maker – Makes Gelato. Male/Female 47. Tailor/Fashion designer – Makes hip fashions, can sew and repair torn clothing. Male/Female 48. Pottery Maker – Uses clay to mold, has a turn wheel that is self-powered. Male/Female 49. Professional Football Player – He was a Linebacker. Male only 50. Train Conductor – Knows how to drive a train. How fun. Male/Female 51. Priest – (Follows the most common faiths in your group). Male only 52. Self Defense Teacher – Expert at hand to hand combat and teaching methods. Male/Female 53. Manager – Office manager, great at delegating tasks. Male/Female 54. State Diplomat – Efficient leader, qualified by the years of service to the communities. Male/Female 55. Mortician – Person whom disposes of corpses properly to prevent infection and diseases. Male/Female 56. Singer/Songwriter – Nope, not Miley Cyrus. Male/Female 57. MMA Fighter – Arms and legs built like a brick house. Major endurance and strength. Male only 58. Butcher – Cleaves meat from bones. Can make you a sammich. Male/Female 59. Pilot – Can safely fly a plane if you have one. Male/Female 60. Military Strategist – Military intelligence officer with extensive strategy knowledge for warfare. Male/Female 61. Wildcard – Who knows what they do, or did but you won’t find out until later. Could be a great asset or possibly a liability. Male/Female Final Summary: Each scenario will be considered an episode and each episode will contain 3 rounds. Round one is also known as the beginning, how the catastrophe happened. You are limited to ten members, you will want females and males as it may become important for repopulation. Episode One: Scenario: Zombie Outbreak (you knew this would be the first!) Region: Los Angeles County, California Population: 9.9 Million Initial Reports state that the viral outbreak occurred early in the morning on March 31st 2014 in Los Angeles County. It appears that after years toxic waste being dropped in the LA River that the radiation and poisons in the water caused a mutation which chemically changed some parasites into a mutating viral carrier. On the day in question a hobo decided to go for a wash down in the river. Its not very sanitary to do, but he's already crazy! This unfortunate mishap resulted in the hobo being bitten. The virus instantly mutated as the creature it was most used to, a leech is completely different. The virus knew only one thing, sucking blood. This was the first instance that it became an issue, because blood is contained in the body the hobo's newly acquired taste required him to get blood any way possible. The hobo attacked an maimed a woman walking down the street. He struck the carotid artery and the woman bled out in under a minute.The virus inside mutated further to lust for not only blood but flesh. The hobo's weak mind attempted to fight back, thats when the virus realized it did not need a living host to fulfill its desire. The woman rose back from the dead follow closely by the hobo which has now joined the ranks of the undead. The virus quickly spread to as many hosts as it could replicate as a virus often does. Mutating as many times to ensure its survival as possible. Meanwhile.... Within 6 hour of the out break the numbers have already climbed into the millions. it's already begun spreading to other counties and soon will spread to other states and countries. Within another 3 hours it will have already quadrupled its numbers. There are very few things short of bombing cities that the government can do at this point. The military has attempted to attack the situation but has lost a great deal of troops. Its uncertain if they will be able to get a hold on the situation. One thing is certain they will not bomb the cities. And no person/animal is safe. This virus can jump to any living or even dead thing to reanimate. Zombie's attributes: They move fast. Their instincts are to kill, feed and replicate. The transformation takes less than a minute and in some instances as short as 10 seconds. There is no coming back. Cutting off the limb does not ensure safety. How will you survive? Please make sure you format your responses using the template below: Episode One The Beginning Jobs: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. (Give a description for why you chose these professions on your team. Strategy: (Remember you must figure out your most important requirements to survive. Shelter, water, food. How will you obtain these and what will you do to secure them?) Roles: (Everyone needs a specific role for their shift. You can overwork people but to keep morale high so that no one is pulling too much weight try to make each person on the team do different supportive roles to ensure everyones overall satisfaction.) I will post the second part of this next monday. Please make your posts before this time. If this thread receives no responses I will have it deleted. See my response down below for how your response should look. Thank you!
  16. I would have to go with Goku, simply enough as Kal-El and Goku can both fly all that goku would really have to do is get superman to follow him to another planet. Sure superman can shoot lasers at him, goku can shoot energy right back. Superman is only invincible in the presence of the sun whereas Goku may not be invincible but uses his own strength. Not borrowed strength.
  17. Robert, Thank you, but CEO is just a title. Don't think any differently of me. And I look forward to working my way up. I'll see you at the top. I look forward to it, thank you veristic.
  18. I have not watched this, but it looks interesting I will have to check it out. I've been watching the Stephen Hawkings: The Universe a lot recently among the other universe shows currently on netflix.
  19. Greetings and Salutations, Nice to meet you all, I go by Phased pretty much everywhere, so I was quite pleased when I found this community with the name available. I like to think of myself as an oldschool gamer, I've even got a tv set up with my Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and PSX in the back. I've got quite a busy schedule, but I feel like I might be able to learn a lot while I'm here. I am a General Manager at a technology company and am the CEO of an Extracts & Flavor manufacturing company (we make Vapes!) I live in California where it seems like no matter how much you make you can never completely survive. Well thats enough about me. I'll update my profile as time permits.
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