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  1. Greetings, Today is a day to celebrate the earth. Many people neglect the earth daily and year around, but everyday should really be about preserving the planet for generations to come. That said, today I made my company begin recycling the laser ink cartridges that we normally just toss (because recycling centers don't buy them). I told them its no excuse to toss then and so we began recycling them. We've been an eco friendly company and many other aspects and should not neglect this aspect of eco friendly recycling. My question to you is what does your company do to remain eco friendly? My company is very similar to Gazelle.com. We recycling mobile devices and give them a second life or properly dispose of everything, unfortunately batteries are still difficult to dispose of so we simply store them to dispose of once a better option has been found. Does your company offer any type of recycling incentive for earth day? If so what! I want to try and implement as many green alternatives at my business as I can to be used year around.
  2. Thanks Rikki, I'll give it a shot. I think this is going to be exactly what I'm looking for.
  3. I actually found a really great project manager that has notifications w/ assignments. Although its web-based I did find that it sends notifications via alerts to phones and emails. Its the closest I've come to finding what I'm actually looking for, although I have looked at the helpdesk options I haven't seen everything in one package. It's also free which was the reason I started using it today. Still looking for great alternatives though.
  4. Greetings, Today I'm looking to see if anyone knows of a software that can synchronize multiple desktops and allow project management. I've spent the better half of the day looking for this software and it doesn't seem to exist. Essentially what I need this software to do is: Allow team members to update projects and workflow. Assign time sensitive projects to key members of the team. Notify all team members when projects are assigned. Automatically sign in when the computer comes online. Deal Breakers: Cannot be purely web based. My team is lazy and will forget to log in. Thats why I would like a downloadable notifier, something that can get their attention when there is something assigned to them. It's fine if the notification opens up to a browser, but the notifier is key. Also the ability to assign roles/tasks to people is very important too. It doesn't have to be super customizable like Podio or anything, but I would like to store notes between employee's this way too. Like whiteboarding, but with notes. So anyone know of a software like this? Thank you!
  5. Its very phlegmy, same with hebrew. The way they speak it just causes a lot of spit to fly out of their mouths. I used to work at apple as a sales guy and I was helping this one gentleman out that was like blowing chunks out of his mouth as he spoke. I never wanted to throw up in someones face before that day. Had one land on me and everything, It was green and boogery. I excused myself and went to the bathroom for a couple minutes and when I went back the guy was gone. Never been so grossed out before.
  6. :\ It works for me... I reuploaded them to see if that would help with 0 privacy settings. Hope it works.
  7. How do you end something that is so complicated?

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      If I happen to find one, I'll let you know.

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      Lady problems? Sounds like it's time for a post in Men's Corner! :D

  8. Introducing: Juno Temple: NSFW: http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g234/liagerx/juno%20temple/Juno-Temple-2012-little-birds_zps7da2e4aa.jpg (Scene of her in Mr. Nobody, you see her boob, but not her face). NSFW: http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g234/liagerx/juno%20temple/Juno_Temple_Mr_Nobody_1080p-02_zps742fd77b.jpg
  9. Not always true. My wifes a dead fish. She is definitely not hot. I've been with hot girls, and I can say I have had more fun. You have to look at the Hot/Crazy scale. A 10 in each category is absolutely off the charts sex. But there's also the cling factor and is she going to lorena bobbitt you afterwards.
  10. Alright I will give you that, they want to wait for prince charming, but most of the time they don't realize that prince charming is usually already locked down. If hes not then hes probably making you his mistress on the side. Women will always want what they want, you cant control their demands. I know my wife was one of those "I don't want anything" to now having an ipad mini and iphone 5S along with everything else because she wants to be spoiled. Its really about preventing it all from happening all at once. As for their requirements I have encountered this in the past, and most times I am able to get past those requirements. At the end of the day women only want to be entertained and have fun. They can find that with someone outside their realm of requirements. My wife finds Tom Hiddleston attractive. So much so that she is obsessiving over him. I could care less who shes fanboying over, but from the aspect of other women hes not attractive. I usually don't fall into the "hot" category so I know the rejection, the most common word usage with me is "Cute" and I can live with that. Its allowed me to be successful in the past so im not terribly worried about that. Toned, I would say my arms are, but I'm definitely packing a beer keg right now. I'm not tall 5'6'' - 5'7' but I would rarely go for someone taller than my anyways with my own preference. I don't have tattoo's but I make due. Haven't had any complaints yet. I honestly think it comes down to approach. Everyone has their own approach and some women want to be approached in a specific way. I'll use your example as my example. A mother on a dating site. She isn't looking for love, thats what got her pregnant. She is looking to spend some time with an adult and have fun. She probably hasn't been able to go out in a couple years and is really missing it. I would suggest an opening that screams "lets have fun" and she will most definitely sign up. Unless you look creepy. Another thing about this is that you would have to be open to her bringing her child if she is unable to find a sitter. She will do all she can to leave the child with a sitter anyways. But be open to it. The next thing is that as long as you have fun with her its almost a surely a sealed deal unless she plays hard to get. Remember shes there to interact with an adult. She wants to experience adult
  11. Poveglia -- Located in the Venetian lagoon. A place known to many as "The island of Madness" and "Hell" was recently announced to be available for sale next month. The italian government has placed this property on a 99 year lease. In the 1790's they used this place to send plagued victims to keep them from infecting others. Many of these people died, and later they built a hospital for the mentally ill on. Now my proposition, since this property already has the standing struction of a hospital on it, it could be converted into a hotel with little to no big work necessary. We should all buy up the place and rename it Emuglia1 and use it as a tourist trap. We could make butt loads of money. Theres enough of us to do the work together! Source: Poveglia
  12. The court systems pretty challenging for males. It seems that most courts side with the mothers. I thought about that myself since I know I could take care of my son better than her. But in the end I felt it better to just be there for both of them. I would be very disappointed to lose in court to her and then have to pay spousal/child support together.
  13. I used to have a black box before cable went digital, and I remember that the playboy channel was available. Having used to watch this religiously (I was in high school. Every boy did it.) I can say I wasn't very impressed with their new standards. Sure it would still help with the mood but I feel that their lack of actual performance. Trust me I don't watch it for the plot or dialogue but the fact that they really only show boobs now and theres no real penetration seems as though their not serious enough to keep their fan base. I know many people that buy playboys just to read the articles because playboy has gone in a different direction. Softcore porn in an industry that is moving towards POV/hardcore porn. Hell there are companies out there that show guys picking up girls and getting them to have sex on the first try. I'm sure most of them are staged but Playboy is really not looking towards the future. On the plus side they are doing something right. They have learned the right way to social media. Though a majority of their facebook posts are cars, homes, places they do also post some very sexy models. And all of their posts are SFW. That said I'm not asking who you watch, but more of your feelings on Playboy. Its apparent that they are turning to Modeling women rather than porn. I definitely appreciate beauty, but give me something more!
  14. German is also the scariest language to be yelled at in. So is Arabic. Korean just sounds so girly
  15. So there are gaps in online dating. That is definite. People do not get to know the real you and instead only get to know what you tell them. This can all be falsified too. I have done online dating, quite a bit actually. Most of which ended in one or two night stands. I'll confess that its easier to get a girl in bed through online dating. Of course there are also risks. I found my wife on an online dating site. We had dated for about a year and then I broke up with her because she did not want to do anything with her life and I didn't want to drag myself down and be the bread maker. If I was smart I would have kept it that way. Unfortunately I used her for booty calls and ended up getting her pregnant. Thats fine, I have a beautiful son out of the whole thing. I ended up getting back together with her so I could be in my son's life and make sure hes being taken care of properly. During the time me and her were broken up I slept with 3 women I had met from online dating, it may not result in "The one" but it definitely resulted in some fun. I would use online dating again if I were single. And I would say it was easier for me to reject women. Though I did get some rejection too, its apart of the game.
  16. Heroes of the Storm Blizzard has released information about a another game. A pvp based game which looks nearly identical to League of Legends and DOTA. The mechanics of the game seem to be similar although there are some minor differences. They have not released a great deal of information on this yet but seem to have the characters they want to introduce and skills they can use on the site. Knowing blizzard it will look very fancy but there are always some issues with their games. Below I've highlighted some of my concerns. Pro's: 1. This game is modeled to use any of the heroes or villains from across all of the games they've released. 2. All characters come with mounts (I'm assuming since the game shows mounts for each character, although it doesn't really explain much). 3. Characters level in game to become stronger as the game progresses. 4. Multiple Class options/characters available. The classes are Assassin, Warrior, Support, and Specialist 5. Many maps and goals/customizations 6. Your whole team levels when you get your levels, which keeps you equal with your team. Both: 1. The game play is built to prevent ganking Con's: 1. It looks like they are trying to copy DOTA/League of Legends 2. No shop to buy customizable items in game to buff your characters. 3. Only 5 characters to choose from currently (still in Alpha/Beta) 4. Knowing blizzard they may charge for this game. That is still unclear. 5. You can customize the characters skins however with no shop every character will be the same in terms of self vs self My opinion: This game looks fun, however I feel it could end up boring as they are trying to control the main aspects that allow players to truly stand different from each other. Unless they lock out classes to prevent you from fighting yourself (currently not possible as these are 5v5 matches and only 5 classes are available) it seems like they may be wasting their time making this game. However this game could turn into quite a great game if they implement some minor changes. It would be fun to play as certain characters you may not have been able to in the games you've played previously or even play them in a different way. It still seems sort of in the realm of starcraft meets League of Legends and definitely brings a different perspective. Since I have not played this game I feel it would be unfair to truly review it or score it. Therefore think of this as an informational! More information available at Blizzard.com Additional Info: http://youtu.be/652N8sOQb4M http://youtu.be/652N8sOQb4M
  17. Episode 2: The Middle Scenario Details: The zombies have overrun all potential escape possibilities at this time. It is now vital to build the best defenses you can. Having been neglected for the past couple weeks all public utilities that were left running have all gone offline. The water reservoir has run out from overuse and the lack of water going back into the reservoir. Most grocery stores have been picked pretty clean, although houses still have plenty of supplies. The risk of infection has become a greater threat as most animals have been infected. It appears that ticks and fleas are also capable of carrying the virus. Hunting at this point is not much of an option because of the risks involved. To live you must grow your own crops. Canned meat is the only safe meat. However if you managed to build a clean room you may still be able to store some livestock in there to prevent fleas and ticks from getting to them/you. I suggest rabbits as they are the easiest to breed and can multiply rapidly. Fishing is still an option at this time however this would require a boat and for you to have access to the sea. Stage two requirements: All teams are expected to have one pregnancy within the first year. You will need to choose which people are paired up as a couple, or if your society will be polygamists. You will need a defensive system capable of repelling zombies and humans. As well you still need to watch out for animals and ticks/fleas. This is one very nasty virus and there's not much combating it to prevent the virus from spreading. Think of new ways to prevent the spread to your team. Underlying Facts about the virus: 1. Spreads through contact therefore it can only be spread via contact with an infected. 2. Infection can happen through minimal contact of the skin. The virus does not require contamination of the blood to infect you any longer. 3. The virus does not seem to be effective in water as it has not breached the oceans although has spread to every continent. 4. Once infected the transformation happens very rapidly. Even cutting off limbs does not seem to be effective in preventing the infection. 5. Animals are also affected by the virus and become hostile instantly. Birds have been known to kamikazi animals and humans as a means to infect them. Discoveries about the virus since Episode One As the virus kills its hosts to ensure full obedience it seems the virus cannot sustain itself in a dead host infinitely. The virus actually eats cells inside the host to make room for replication. This is also the double edged sword for the virus as the host no longer makes cells to fuel this. The bodies will eventually give out and burst killing the virus. Unfortunately this takes approximately 3-6 months to happen. It could take even longer if the host finds a supply of new cells via an animal/human to infect. They discovered that the virus effectively gives a concentrated burst of contagion when it comes into contact with the target. Almost as if the virus pushes all of itself to one point just to put as much of the virus into the target. Unfortunately with the virus adaptability it does not appear that this will always be the case or that the host will continue to die off the way they have. The truth of the matter is, within the time it takes for the host to decay enough for the virus to die humans would already be nearing extinction. Tips for survival: While it is almost certain death no matter what you choose at this point there are still options to keep your team alive. Although these options may be difficult to obtain you may want to look at living on or in the sea (submarine or boat) or by living in the sky. Buildings could be built in a way to prevent exposure from the ground such as stilts or cables. These do male you susceptible to humans that are not infected though. You would also need to create a defense to protect yourself from birds. In addition moving around constantly on a train can prevent the infection from spreading. Would need to be steam powered which means you need coal. All jobs have a secondary trait that is unveiled in episode 2. Since it would be unnecessary for me to give every job that was not used a trait I will instead only release the traits of the used jobs. Results: veristic: 1. Hunter M — Great marksman, can repair most firearms and make bows out of wood. Misfired a gun a while back and although the wound is healed he cannot run as fast. 2. Farmer F — Very talented at growing, she was born with a green thumb. Has a weak immune system, and requires medicine frequently to prevent illness and infection from minor cuts. 3. Nurse F — A bit of a drama queen. She tends to whine and complain constantly. She keeps wishing to be back on her couch drinking wine. Her negativity impacts the rest of the team. They spend as little time with her as possible. 4. Auto-Mechanic M — Used to be addicted to meth. He's very intelligent when it comes to cars. But car smarts is about all he knows. He's the oldest in the group at age 50. May have defective semen from years of drug abuse. 5. Military Strategist M — Considered a prodigy, barely 25 years old yet very accomplished. Has no genetic flaws. Perfect in every way shape and form. Feels somewhat responsible for what has happened. 6. Detective M — Although hes a detective, hes gun shy, he accidently shot and killed a kid a year ago and hasn't recovered from it. They may be zombies, but he hesitates because of flashbacks. 7. Chemist F — Very attractive. Had ovarian cancer and had her ovaries removed so she is unable to birth children. This bothers her greatly, but she would still be great to have around to raise children. 8. Welder M — Suffers from a slight mental disability. This disability makes him slower and so while he is capable of handling most minor tasks he would be incapable of leading any team. 9. Self-Defense Instructor F — She was an incredible martial arts teacher at her old dojo. When the apocalypse happened she was the one you saw punting heads off of zombies. Has a very high endurance although it would make your situation harder if she were to be pregnant as she would no longer be able to punt. Better set up some great defenses 10. Mortician M — Highly intelligent, while he may not be the most menacing force morticians know the best ways to dispose of bodies, which helps since you're fighting zombies. He helps to keep disease from spreading. Although he is tall, dark, and well maybe not handsome he definitely gives your group variety.
  18. This photo has not been altered/enhanced in anyway and was taken with a normal lens. Smolder not included.
  19. I have since added veristic. My battletag is Phalen #1657 if you would like to add me as well.
  20. I collected 144 pokemon, its impossible to collect them all unless you do trading. I played them all but only owned Red and Gold. I recall having yellow for a while but traded it because the idea of making pikachu like you was ridiculous to me. Its not for everyone thats for sure. I remember my friends were really into it and gave me a lot of the cards, thats why I got into it.
  21. Incredible post about the lions, I watched the whole thing.
  22. Aw sold them all for $5! I have Pokemon Red and Gold. I really only like the original 150 but Gold was pretty fun. I've been watching the cartoon a lot recently.
  23. Yes another card game topic. I used to play magic the gathering a lot, and unlike the pokemon cards I had thousands of these. Unfortunately the series changes so rapidly and the rules behind them prevent you from using legacy cards that you have to buy the new decks and then it just means tons and tons of money has to be spent to build the deck up. I remember having some really epic cards, one of them was called Beast of Burden. The power that this card possessed in a full 60 card deck was unimaginable. It's been a long time since I've played but I always feel nostalgic when I find my cards. Did you play Magic the Gathering? Have any crazy cards like this one? My favorite card was Avatar of Woe, it could destroy any card so long as the summoning requirements were satisfied. What were your favorites? The art that goes into this card game is incredible, did you have any favorite cards?
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