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  1. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hi, About our missing in action. Chankast has been a very stressful project, it needed a lot of time to get it working. We did an incredible work to get the first release working in only 3 months, it was a full time work. After the 0.25 release I didn't feel like doing chankast again so I took a long break, but we have been improving a lot of things in that time. The emu is faster and need less memory to work, an early xbox version is working, it's great to see shenmue 1 on xbox , the sound is better,... About the future, we are thinking about releasing the source code and a binary with the latest changes. Garrofi +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ source = Emutalk Phorums url=http://emutalk.net/showthread.php?t=24936
  2. Zinc 1.0.2 released - Reversed Qsound channels. - Tekken 3 now runs. Yes, I know it sounds like hell. Turn your speakers off. - sfexp reparented as per MAME 0.88u3, the new US version is the parent. - Added the release date to the description of all Capcom games so you can tell the difference between the 2 US sets of sfexp. - Fixed misidentified sfex2p-series sets. - Added player 2 controls for Konami GV games. - Fixed graphical issue in Bloody Roar 2. - (Linux) libs11player.so now can also be in the LD search path. This is helpful for frontends. Everything else is just like 1.0.1. And yes, the Konami change means Winterblast has to update again And if you like the BR2 fix, send smf a beer.
  3. =================================================== question: "will there bu any chance that there will be any new version with the new new clone of sfex2plus ???" Answer :from R. Belmont : "Τhere will be.. ETA on the next version of ZiNc is mid to late January :!: due to my work schedule and other real-life issues. ' Til then, keep your "old" sets intact for ZiNc. [ 07. November 2004, 08:22 PM: Message edited by: R. Belmont ] =================================================== Quote from Zinc boards http://www.bannister.org/ubb/ultimatebb.ph...c;f=24;t=001523
  4. http://sairuk.toythieves.com/eyetoy/ http://www.ionstorm.co.uk/files/eyetoy.php =============================================== How to get your EyeToy working as a webcam; - Thanks to Five5v for telling me about this http://support.dlink.com/ Use drop down boxes to locate drivers for; D-Link DSB-C310 (Rev B1) Download driver from D-Link Unzip to a folder Go to folder, locate OV519.inf, Right click file, Properties>Untick 'Read Only' Open OV519.inf in Notepad Edit>Replace Replace VID_05A9&PID_8519 with VID_054C&PID_015X (X referring to what sairuk says http://sairuk.toythieves.com/eyetoy/ <-- here. Select 'Replace All' Save OV519.inf Then, plug your Eye Toy into the USB port, wait for it to be recognised and install the drivers' in the normal way using the Have Disk option at the prompt and the modified OV519.inf file. (double check which drivers you're installing as my Win2k attempted to install its own driver) During the installation, you'll get a system box with ???? in it...this is the 50Hz/60Hz option setting. I set it to 50Hz for now. That's it. The software to view the webcam output is included in the driver pack... AMCAP.EXE, Options>Tick Preview You should now get a picture of whatever your EyeToy is pointed at ........................
  5. =============================================== This is a very cool home brew version of Outrun for the PC. It's made by Gavin David. Gavin is a final year student making a 3d version of it for his Bachelors degree in Engineering. It now utilitzes the 3impact engine and has gone through much progress since its Renderware engine version. And with the new 3impact version he might even be able to distribute copies to you, the fans!. If you would like to help this guy out with the program, please E-mail Him. He doesn't want to tacle this thing alone! If you have experience in working with the 3impact Engine or 3-D graphics in general that would be great! Any help would be appreciated. So.... Email now! gavind5uk@hotmail.com =============================================== source=>www.outrun.org size =130mb http://www.outrun.org/new/setup.exe
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