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  1. Left G4, hoping for better moments! Stay strong brotha
  2. So in my Sienfield voice i gotta ask, what's the deal with those dating sim games. I've always seen it when i go web shopping through anime but never cared for it. Then i saw one on xbla and wondered... hmmmm....*inhales* so are these like just pervy games or is there some type underlying attachment created by vivid story telling and invoking emotions that leave the player so invested that he/she is submerged in this world, more-so than any 3d game could ever hope to replicate?!?!? I played one on xbla but that was an indie and it clearly was super low budget, but its just one of things where im like, "What?...IS it really good?" I mean i just dont see why someone would play a 2dsim instead of a classic dragon age, Katherine or even witcher where romance is handled quite well imo. Anyone here down with the D-Sims?
  3. Chrome still uses quite a bit of process but since its these small pickets, everything works on the outside much faster. THat being said, i use chrome.
  4. are pple updating thier emu when playing on kaleria or they still using mame32k 0.64?
  5. If you're not anti RB/Hip-hop I always rock to this: Rick Ross - PUsh it (to the limit)
  6. Step 1: Stop over reading/thinking. Its realllllllly bad for you. I mean REALLY bad for!! Step 2: If you are not exercising - you should be. Step 3: Have total cut offs from the net. Stop taking things so... whats the word ? "exact" nothing is exact. My friend is a pc dweller (i am but i have brakes) he is the single most negatised guy i have ever met. He infects you with it, and nothing changes him. Its pathetic. Really pathetic. Dont count on a woman for happiness its a huge mistake. Count on your self the woman will come later. 1. I do think a lot, friends told me this 2.I go on and off, i'm off right now - I'll get back on see if it changes something 3. I already do this occasionally, i also do cut offs from television and mostly anything with a screen(except my phone). Sorry to hear about your friend, maybe he needs a workout buddy. I'm not sure if you're trying to relate him to me . I agree with your last statement, I guess I just woulda thought I would of had that part locked in by now - ya know the "pre-destined future" we all have in our minds. Like Bambi and Solid pointed out I remember speaking about my friend about this; we were saying that there is no "one" but at best you'll get an 85%. Kinda jaded - yes but it makes sense. lol
  7. So unlike some(or most) of you all in the 1emu, one nightys NEVER intrigued me. I mean sure when i was young it was more of a religious thing but now that im bit more jaded, im still just not keen on the whole casual sex thing. Now guys before you take my "man card" (joke from my friend) Im just saying im more of a guy who loves a women who he can just chill with. Sex is possible i guess depending on if the woman is worth it but Im like 22. So far, its been a huge chore fining someone who relates mentally, spirituality or even interests-wise, nothing has added up. My status update kinda relates what i mean in a poetic way. Bottom line, for someone who doesn't bang the hot chick because she's hot(or drunk enough) It seems i cant find that right formula. Im messing with this girl right now, for reasons just to, disengage the reality of it all momentarily but it shows a possible trend of me contradicting my values in the future..ehhh. I dunno. I would have thought this would be something that happens your first or second divorce but i noticed it has been affecting me subconsciously.
  8. Ehh what do the super stars do that you have to pay, that the freaky Asians dont do for free?
  9. I always admired beauty, hoping it would do the same... But even though it did when it came to the mind behind the beauty there wasn't a dang thang.

  10. OMG YOU TOO!?!?!? I cant tell you enough how much glasses turn me on! I dont get it! But I hope my wife likes to do it with her glasses on!!!....Sorry got a lil carried away there. I like my glasses on too! Protects my eyes from flying jizz hazards! S-S-S-Stop it! Your comments are too sexy!! lol!
  11. I type about 6000 words a day.... 10000 if im really full of inspiration. Phew... Just thinking about wears me out.
  12. my buddies and I aimed for one thing... to make people cry..jocks, bullies, cute girls....mainly fat girls.....especially annoying fat girls.... Did we achieve what we aimed for.... yes. Did it feel good,,, of course Were we douches? Definitely Would i beat my old self down if went back in time? In a heartbeat But im such nice guy now, i think after getting rattled by douches and then becoming one, i found a decent middle ground now OMG YOU TOO!?!?!? I cant tell you enough how much glasses turn me on! I dont get it! But I hope my wife likes to do it with her glasses on!!!....Sorry got a lil carried away there.
  13. Im a guy with an odd taste, well at least thats what im told but i dunno. I had a few women who matched the score but they were in relationships. But since high school i was really just into writing and emulation that i honestly didnt really care for relationships and when around 12th grade came i was like, "yeah,,, guess its about time". /Since then dates have been hit or miss but none have really sparked me, and if ever been hit by a spark from a women/girl before, its hard to settle for anything less.
  14. Life is in a slum right now. I never really cared for such strings but i can see the perk of having a cute babe on your side in these times. Other than that, never truly thought of being "that guy". Or never considered it a part of my life
  15. THe range means jack, the issue isnt the characters. There's something about the mechanics that just doesnt work for me, you could say it has a dash of teken tag in the matter of tag rules. THen you have sfiv style and look to it, and lastly you got a bit of mvc chaotic vibe. Now all bleneded together you would think that's an awesome combo but it just doesnt work for me. Me and my friend was playing for about a month straight! THen after we started playing other games we couldnt back to it and in the end it just became...boring. Fights werent rewarding whether you win or lose which is the exxact opposite of sfiv and mk11. To best describe it, it was an intersting toy but we got bored with it.
  16. Screw gamestop, we as gamers will have to make some heavy decisions...
  17. A woman being a moderator?!?!? PAH!! Jokes, jokes! lol! Congrats
  18. Thanks it's a good pic of me toned up! BUT onto the results! The rock beat Cena Undertaker beat triple H Sheamus beat Danial bryan (In 18 seconds) CM Punk beat Jericho Kane beat Randy Orton Kelly Kelly beat Eve Cant remember the rest. Its late! Im surprised! Why would they have the Rock beat WWE's poster boy? I mean I thought they were gonna have Cena win just to minimize his boo-levels.
  19. A real man wear no cologne... KEn_Cinder says, "F*** colognes!" THe math adds up...
  20. Hope the ROck wins but its very unlikely, surprisingly, Cena has a bit more years on the the Rock. Either way, Im part of "the people" famdom and i remember i quit watching wrestling the moment i saw the undertaker turning into a biker boy. Oh Bambi, your avatar is win, lol! jk
  21. I use a cologne called, "Black". It gets the ladies thighs moist and it also reaffirms my race with each spray! 2birds one awesome smell! ( i should do commercials)
  22. Huh? You're saying most ladies haven't tried a smaller size? How the hell would anyone know that? Im sorry i should have placed my "from what i've heard" at the end, this is from my own experience with this topic and conversations with girls, its like when you said, "Does she really get more pleasure out of the big dick? The answer is a definitive: NO!" (you mean its impossible? maybe she did?). I just had convos with some of my girls and the common incentive was they do not entertain penpen that are smaller. And only one friend stated when said small penpen was entertained it felt better than a previous big one. So regarding that and the media with its constant insulting of small penises, i say i agree with you but i do think girls are looking for a size that's "impressive". So is it possible? Yes...IMO Common? Nah..IMO I have read articles about how the small penis can rock a girls world, but all WE MEN can do is assume that those sites arent part of a conspiracy to make small penis men not kill themselves....heck my girls could be lying to me too......even my....my...... ARGH the world is against me!
  23. It only matters because thats the unspoken rule, most really never tried a smaller size. ANd if they did, it was because the guy dint know what he was doing rather than due to the size. IT does matter to some but only because they think its supposed to matter. Sexual Brainwashing At its Best
  24. BUt what does this say for prices!? ARe we still gonna eat the friggin $60? I guarantee we will, and that's just extra that doesnt have toe be wasted on Dvds, boxes, distribution to stores! MAYBE if they killed the price by 20 or 30 dollars but in the end! I WANT MY PHYSICAL SH**!
  25. Soon, you say ? SHall i point you to our DLC Era thread? lol. YEah thats already going down
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