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  1. I thought it was storage system that only allowed the user to view his files. iddint know i could make a html link that anyone else can download it.
  2. In the real world: Guy1: Hey [GameCop's real name], didnt you like own a forum or something? GC: Yeah, that was a long time ago Guy1: Well is it still going on? GC: *Sigh* Dude, I think the site went down... Guy1:You should go and check on it one day. GC: *SIgh*..... Yeah maybe not...
  3. Hey I want to send the screenplay i did to my cousin out of state via internet. The problem is the sites Ive went to dont allow sending files over 1gb over without charging. Is there a site or cloud that can either allow me to send it or host a download link and my cousin just downloads it? Your help will be appreciated.
  4. Hey everyone, so its been a loooooooong time since I blogged mostly due to the horrible glitches of the blogging here on 1emu but since i worked around just wanted to share chapter 1 of volume Im writing. I usually update it via Facebook but thought it would be simple to drop it off here. I prob wont post the other ones (such a hassle) but who knows. Anywho, check it out you dont mind reading. For the very FEW who followed my previous work, this is a little more.... un-dbz-ish? lol Check out my blog!
  5. you totally blue-balled me......no-homo
  7. That's a shitty question Shoma, I have already had one REAL fight over my ex girl this year, AND I also had to confront TWO dick weeds at my door who had been puppet mastered by me ex at my door, they came round to "sort me out" I answered it with my top off and, put it this way I was still talking when they left my door. Oh and two weeks ago she had manipulated ANOTHER two drunk guys to come kicking and banging my door. THATS THE LIFE I LEAD. These guys dont like it when i sort them out, they run off to the police, and with my criminal record for violence I would be in serious shit street. 18 hours in a holding cell aint my cup of tea no more. Did you know this EX girl is pregnant to me and ready to drop today? SHE might be a fucking moron, but im not going to jail so she can feel better about been a dirty slut. BE WISE. Easy easy senor, I didnt know the whole backstory, it was a joke. I agree with ya. *bows* My apologies dear ems
  8. OH Ems! You would lose your balls in 15 minutes if they weren't attached to you... Or are they?!?!?!??!
  9. Well she called me earlier to make a impromptu meeting for coffee but I was working when she called. This was AFTER I invited her somewhere but she couldn't make it. So everything looks good, just need to find a frigging good time! lol School, work and working with kids on the side kinda kill time for me/^^
  10. Perhaps I'm making my self seem more green that reality has it but I usally meet a girl face to face, and we kill it right there before we leave. Never did a transiction from cyber to phone-- ahh guess its all the same. You start the convo out with giving your intentions, but i prefer a lil more verbal foreplay.
  11. Your wisdom propounds me... I shall meditate to try to remove negative vibes from my mind. I'll give it a shot.....eventually
  12. HEy Cinder you were right, this thing is a bi*** to start out with, but i think I'll get the hang of it. THanks dude, Im also looking to Create a world tool for Sims 3 but really dont want to pay money right now.
  13. OMG a reply! THank YOu! I will look into right now!
  14. So I met an old school mate on FB, we started chatting and we just hit it off perfectly. I gave her number and for a week now, we've just been texting and chatting whenever we can. I know this is so middle school but.... How do I know if she's cool with me actually talking to her? I mean I can TEXT a lot of people who I rather not TALK to so Im not sure. Im really feeling her so I guess that's why im like super hesistant ..
  15. the website states that Capcom would like to see petitions of how many pple want a new darkstalkers games. Doubt that though. The french fans seem to be complaing hoping its not 3d as well, but who knows... its kinda like the future... Im still waiting for skull girls. But any game that lets me rock Demitri is something i'll pay for. 3d or not.
  16. why would we go back in sf time? wait.. Ssf4 is considered the latest in time right?
  17. So I was given an incentive to draw out or design the all the areas in my story whether it be a city or a deserted jungle. Is there a tool or program that allows to me just create a world in diffrent places on a globe? It doesnt matter if its a game or an actual program, i just want to get started and see how things go.
  18. Um....thought only sf does this kinda bs, lol
  19. +1 Girls don't like over protective jealous guys. So when a dude trys to cock block ALWAYS throw it back in his face. I have never had this before, but the chick was liking me, if a girl dont like me she wont talk, and she wont look at me. then i take the hint and go away. (unles its my ex and she is usually running pretty fast) I was pretty drunk, but i know i wasnt been a chode. Sometimes you cant win. Yea but I think you had this one in the bag. YEa Im sure you were in the "just dont say anything to F up now" zone. Never let random dudes cock block especially if the girl is actually receptive OF THE COCK!.... sry
  20. I feel you Krig, Im mostly passive and dont really think of anything Brutal to say until afterwards. ALways insult with logic i guess. But Im feeling that way lately, feeling that pple interpret nice guy for vagina.... A chick went off on me recently and that was like my limit . I prided myself on my patience but shiz aint getting the point across
  21. I would have asked the ladeis does she want me to leave, if not then screw the guy!
  22. I wiped it clean and yeah, posts are now showing up again! NYC!...... But the blog code is still old AS FUDGE!!!!!
  23. WEll I dunno, maybe i'll get onthat. I just really wasnt imptressed with guilty and everyone is like "OH YEAH, ITs just like GUilty GEar man!"
  24. I'm a fairly old member despite I'm not as popular as the other cool guys but I want this site to ignite with the flames of youth once more! I want to share some writing projects on the blog but the FRIGGIN BLOG DOESNT WORK ANYMORE. I just want at least that fixed.
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