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  1. SyN: Glad to hear We actually took several weeks to write down our thoughts as clearly as possible before zero hour, but it's really difficult to put this into a reasonable number of words if you have to guess how people who havn't thought about this for hours will react. But to expect everyone to read those huge posts and think about it for some minutes wasn't realistic, which is why we just let people vent and get it out of their systems. And as expected, it turned into a complete flamefest. But out of 10 who IMMEDIATELY QUIT and deleted their accounts, maybe two and a half actually stay
  2. Possibly, but we wanted to throw in all our weight to open people's minds a bit. And we succeeded, even RS eased its rules a bit Maybe we'll make the rules stricter again some time, but at this point it would likely still result in huge discussions, and that has been shown to be quite unproductive. let me quote the conversation between him and I: however, here is a rather interesting log from #mugen: Respect isn't something you enforce, it's something you earn. Asking permission should be good habit and a friendly noting of respect among creators, not a mandatory and theref
  3. uh, replied to the link you posted in my above edit, read there
  4. Well the discussion has worked out surprisingly well, I'd say. Great to see And yeah those are all personal opinions. It is understandable that creators are protective about their stuff, the problem is just that some of them got somewhat carried away with it (sup KFM), which was undeniably very hurtful to the community as a whole. I realize we were being rather radical with the change, but in small steps this process of decay couldn't be stopped (as TDS proved years ago). About the final edit: I think that thread turned out rather well. The replies in it immediately show that it's just a
  5. Who wrote that "silent laws" stuff? There's some outdated, some stupid, a minority of correct and tons of utterly wrong information in there >_> "we" = mfg staff Using mugen isn't "protected under abandonware license", it's not protected at all. According to its license, playing mugen longer than those few days in your life is illegal, that is still in effect and will always be. It's just that this is a stupid license and we decided not to enforce it - firstly, because it is not our job to take responsibility whether people care about such license or not, secondly because it is the b
  6. Hey guys Just in case you didn't notice yet, here's MFG's position on this whole thing: http://mugenguild.com/forumx/index.php?topic=62282.0 ...if you look around in the mugen community, it's just a question of time before the "OHNOES CREATOR RIGHTS" fraction dies out. Sooner or later, even the most die-hard creator rights supporter will get tired of telling people what they can and what they can't do with the data they download... I mean seriously, it doesn't work for all those huge companies who want warez/roms/whatever off the net, why would it work for some pissed off mugen fanboys?
  7. why would you want to play WWP on a dreamcast when you can play it on PC just as well? mouse + keyboard beats controller any time for this kinda game >_> [/unrelated comment]
  8. That guy would be funny if he wasn't actually inflicting damage on other people extract from the "Letter from ESA" he posted on emuparadise: IDSA? ESA? what now? and also the signature: ElsenhIEmer?... I thought it was spelled ElsenhEImer. I find it hard to believe this guy couldn't spell his own name right in an official latter geez. the internet needs an idiot-filter, seriously.
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