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  1. I'm sure you probably know, but Xboyadvance v13 is out..appears to fix the problems. Thanks for reposting BAED2 - looking forward to it. I would like to keep it and try to repost it for others but I don't know how safe I feel posting through my ISP, and I don't really want to pay for any news services..are there any other ways?
  2. hey shasta, any chance you could repost baed 2 soon on alt.binaries.cd.image.xbox? I tried to request it on the efnet channel but they deleted it..I don't understand why..baed 1 is probably the best release i've downloaded this year.. maybe I will try to chat with the guy that deleted it. anyway, I would appreciate it if you could repost them in the near future. thanks btw, really really looking forward to your future releases BAED frickin rules, you wouldn't believe how many hours my family and friends have spent playing these old games that they havent seen in years.
  3. New version of XboyAdvance (V11) out (07/06/04)
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