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  1. your welcome. I think the astalavista box search engine is probably the best one.
  2. Did you try looking on astalavista?
  3. Well I am not a cow, but I'm new here too. Im asterik2 from Florida. "Hot 90 degrees weather" Florida.
  4. eMachines may suck, but they are cheap. And people who have limited money could use eMachines.
  5. Thanks for the site man. I was actually looking for a site like this some time ago, but like, couldn't find one.
  6. Nice. Im still runnin on a 650 MHz AMD, 14 Gig HD. So, thats like crazy compared to what i have.
  7. you could always use Opera. Its a internet browser much more secure than IE. Its got mouse gestures, that once you start using them, you can't switch to a browser that doesn't have them. The only thing is, if you don't wanna pay for it, you have an ad on your screen all the time, but its still much better than IE. Tabbed browsing is great too. check out www.opera.com
  8. summer classes end this friday!!! coudn't be happier
  9. Does anyone know where I can get a ps2 emulator, or if one exists?
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