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  1. is that even suprising?? not really. still though, i wouldnt mind some "home movies".... eh, eh
  2. eh.. no, i didnt copy of that. ha, i didnt even see it... NO! honest! i didnt! AHH!! put that cleaver down!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  3. I doubt this new generation of gamers would appreciate the old school ones we played but it would be a nice touch for us. exactly! those young whipper snappers growing up with their playbox2s and their dreamcubes and those x-boy advance what-cha-ma-call-its. if they did though, id no longer have to drag out my genesis or search through the freaking long list of genesis games on the hacked sega smash pack cd set i have.
  4. what do i own... hm... atari 2600 [a little beat up] nes [i have 2.. ones broken, the others not] playstation 1 dreamcast [mmmmmm... dreamcast...] gamecube [meh.. its alright] sega genesis sega nomad [the portable one. it kicks ass on trips where theres plugs (otherwise it uses 6 AA batteries >_< )] sega 32x What i was stupid and sold: sega saturn [i miss you, my precious saturn... ] snes [why did i sell this and my games for a playstation1?! WHY!?! **sobs** ] my old really big grey gameboy [i had some fun with that big grey tank..] What i sold and am glad of: atari lynx [eh...] atari jaguar [ ] yes!
  5. pretty much, id have to say follow that advice. something like that recently happaned to me [except with me, she said she wanted to get to know me]. pretty much, the only advice that hasnt been said: - - Be yourself... if she knows you some and sees that you act differant than you normally do, than, um, its not always a good thing - - Dont be nervous. thats one of the worst things because if you dont say anything or dont know what to say, she may take it as you dont like her. - - Be open and honest. dont hide anything. if you do, or try and cover it up, it may come back and explode in your face later. There you go... tips for sucess, from a cow, for a... wait, nevermind what i was thinking of saying... lemme start over. There you go... tips for sucess, from a cow, for a person. there.. thats better
  6. that sick f**king b***h!! thats horrible! all i can say though: at least it wasnt a dreamcast. now THAT would be just plain sick.
  7. um... hi everyone as you can see, im new.. yes.. [hence why i posted here. ahaha.] also, my only request, is to please refraim from trying to eat my. thanks. yeah... so.... er... hi :) [yes, im bad at introductions, so sue me] [wait- on second thoughts, DONT sue me ]
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