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  1. Does anyone have this ready for the xbox?
  2. I was actually curious if there were more arcade games i can add besides the ones that are in the full. what other games can be added or can you point me to where can i get a complete list of the MAME0.84 rom set.
  3. i had to remove a 1gb because it wasnt properly formmating correctly. For example it said it formmated but when i started adding things the the drive it was overwriting files and emulators werent working it was a mess. I guess its a bug in the software but you can reformat again putting the 1gb back. i just booted up unleashx and placed both Xbpartitioner 1.0 and 1.1 in the apps folder and did it from there.
  4. Nuvo - i had the same issue with my 2tb hd . i used xboxhdm 1.9 orginially then what i ended up doing was format my harddrive with xbpartitioner 1.0 32 clusters first then reformatting with xbpartitioner 1.1 64 clusters . but for some reseaon it still didnt work correctly so, i what i ended up doing was reformat with xbpartitioner 1.0 32 clusters and again reformat with xbpartitioner 1.1 64 clusters *BUT* this time i dropped each drive down a 1gb to partition in 1.1 and it works perfect now. it seems that in order to partition correctly you have to drop a it down a 1 gb but you can repartio
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