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  1. 1 hour ago, fumanchu said:

    would it be playable in mameox 0.72?

    with the hacked midway drivers?

    Oh it doesn't use the midway drivers, it runs on Itech32 hardware being a joint effort between Midway and Incredible Technologies

    funny enough i had it up and running in both MAMEoX72 and MAMEoXtras it performs the same more or less it both cores it's way

    to slow to be playable on the xbox as per some other games in that driver like say Drivers Edge or Street Fighter The Movie.


    TBH i never meant to support this one on the xbox as going how the above games performed and the fact there are no speedups for

    the game and it uses some nifty photo realistic gfx as per NBA Jam etc etc i knew it was gonna be slow hence my target was always

    just going to be add it to test it out make sure it works and then port it across MAME2003+.

  2. Gotta be honest here im not fully up on what CPU cores Raine has, But just a small heads up to mention when it comes to the recent MCU dumps that add full sound to Fire Shark

    Teki Paki and Vimana and if you were interested in hooking up the sound for these games in Raine if you dont have the Z180 CPU a Z80 CPU will do the job just fine confirmed to

    work in my olde MAME Src and Currant Final Burn Alpha builds.

  3. KIxxx1.2 RC2 PC


    By SPPV

    After 13 years of nothing the PC is getting what the XBOX has had for the past year. KIxxx1.2


    Why Use KIxxx1.2 Instead Of U64 3.11?

    -No Random crashes
    -Updated from DX7 to DX9
    -Xinput support
    -Back and down are no longer mapped to the same button
    -No more 144P grade video quality



    Put KIxxx1.2 where you like
    Grab the ROMs from KIxxx1.2 XBOX
    Run KIxxx1.2
    Click on GameSet and point it to your ROMs
    Click on settings and choose your Rez and fullscreen or windowed
    Click Run and beat the snot out of Gargos



    Q Why is KI running like its on crack?
    A HLE is Disabled. Make sure NO HLE is unchecked

    Q I get a weird staticy humming sound
    A Same as above. Make sure NO HLE is unchecked

    Q When I hit run it just freezes and crashes
    A You didnt set the proper directories for the games

    Q When I switch resolutions it crashes
    A Delete KI/KI2.dat and reboot

    Q I already mapped my controller but when switching games it doesnt work
    A Delete KI/KI2.dat and reboot

    Q Will this work with 3rd party 360 or old Direct Input controllers?
    A Yes. This was tested using Logitech Dual Action, M$ 360, Rock Candy and Afterglow 360 controllers

    Q Why wont it recognize my 360 controller?
    A You dont have the Xinput driver. Download and install DirectX9

    Q Why do a PC version when M$ is doing an official release?
    A Because mine is better:) No micro scams, better accuracy, and most important this is the original arcade not some whored up version

    Q Where do I get the proper game images?
    A From KIxxx1.2RC for XBOX

    Q Do the cheats work?
    A Yes all cheats and moves listed in KIxxx1.2RC XBOX work for the PC version

    Q Why isnt the PC version interface as cool as the XBOX version?
    A Because porting over the interface is a ton of work

    Q Why does this use DX9 and not 11 or 12?
    A Because DX9 will work for almost everybody. All GPUs have legacy support for DX9 (currently)

    Q Why is this version listed as Release Candidate 2?
    A Because I dont consider it a full release until Im 100% done updating it and port over the XBOX interface

    Q Why did you use U64 3.05 src when 3.11 was the newest version
    A 3 reasons. 1 the 3.11 src is unavailable. 2 KIxxx on XBOX is built off the 3.05 src. 3 RCP broke 3.11. 3.11 was a step back not a step forward



    HCF, XtecuterX73, KillerInstinctOnline.net, Emuxtras.net, Amiga1200, Mkkhanzo



    KI 1&2 On KIxxx1.2 RC2 PC


  4. So, rom Gain Ground work fine on MAMEoXtras also other Sega roms, but on hypervision have black screen with this rom....

    It's possible upgrade mame of hypervision?

    Thanks for info and help :-)


    The Sega System 24 games are only playable in MAMEoXtras as i put in the time to get em working.from your post above it seems you want BP to update the MAME core in hypervision so they will also work in this frontend.In order to do that he would have to do one of two things do the work himself from scratch or more likely just take my code and insert it into one or all of his projects.He can do this and has done it plenty of times before because unlike him my MAMEoxtras builds are all Open Source in 2016.


    Thats the downside of being open source i suppose muppets who i dislike can just take my code and use it in their lame ass projects :D

  5. The World is full of people who dont follow rules i cant see a change in the MAME licence stopping them from releasing new versions of the projects they work

    on.But i wonder what happens if the above versions of MAME continue simply flaunting the licence..??? I assume the MAME Dev project is not Apple Corp

    or Microsoft and doesn't have the funds to take people to court to enforce the new licenece.


    But didn't i see a post on Mameworld where you stated you may be able to continue with HB MAME afterall..???

  6. As I said the fixes are over for now, if you want to code and to send patches it will be highly appreciated.

    Otherwise, just wait, I have other things in mind for now...


    Vimana doesn't have any sound at all for now, so no, impossible to override its music since there is no music to override !


    You can add the Toaplan Samples from ThunderMAME For Fire Shark Vimana Ghox and Teki Paki it gives the games Full FX and Music

    should drop into your Src easy enough and Defo worth adding to Raine

  7. I supposed more recents Coinops versions included a .150 core when i saw this screenshot (the splash screen): http://abload.de/img/nwm0bqxqsaz.jpg

    maybe i misunderstood it. Anyway, i saw Buggy Boy running decently on an Android tv stick MK808 (on Mame4droid, Mame 0.139 based), It could be interesting trying a recent Mame version on a old pentium 3 class pc (comparable to the Xbox cpu) and see how it runs.

    I looked at adding support for Buggy Boy to MAMEoXtras a while back basically it needed a CPU Core updated on top of porting the driver, video, machine, Src files then a whole new

    sound core alotta work which i was prepaired to plod away at problem was the code being from newer MAME126 was not compatable with the MAME84 Core which MAMEoXtras

    uses so it needed to be done by someone with more coding experience than me IQ_132 for example


    For talking sake the general consensus was that Tatsumi games wouldn't run too well on the xbox however when i added the Tatsumi driver from MAME88 the games all played

    well enough although only Round Up 5 Super Delta Force a sorta Chase HQ rip off was fully working anyway i reackon Buggy Boy if ported to the older MAME84 Xbox MAME Core

    would play fine as it's an even older Tatsumi game than Round Up 5 etc etc

    but since the only fella who could doesn't have the time or desire to do so i guess we'll never know for sure :wink:

  8. Hi Guys,


    I have been trying to play this game, but for some reason no matter what controls i use, the car just will not drive. I tried looking to change the controls, but the menu just wont take any controls i push as a default. ( i get the menu from back+white )


    I had the same issues with Rad Rally and Rad Mobile in the Arcade emulator i use in the end i just got rid of the games as no matter what settings i used the car wont

    control properly it's an Analog Control issue which is causing the problems.Maybe you'll get more advice about this if you post on the official CoinOPS forum


    But Im surprised to hear the games still have the same issues in CoinOPS as the developer of this frontend launcher always brags how he's fixed the analog input controls

    seems that for these games and others im sure thats not the case :P

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