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  1. The one big problem that I can forsee with these new rules is people spamming and the like just to get to 100 posts - just simple replies to posts like "Cool" or "Yeah" - I've seen it happen a few other places that offered upper class members priviliges.
  2. Um... I came from NGEmu, a site which isn't really too bad, but most peole there seem a little anal about most 'iffy' topics (To the point where almost anything involving jargon or patching is chimed in on by every idiot with half a brain and no knowledge on the subject [see a post I made a while back about some IPS patches for a couple GB games]). Here is a good bit more relaxing - nobody lords their post count over anyone (In fact, I've seen many examples of this just being more joke material), and I think it's because there aren't as many rule restrictions. And by the way, I'll keep coming back here anyways, whatever you do, seeing as how this site has (and I mean this) one of the best communities.
  3. Kind of ironic, that when I tried to link to this post, the link was edited. I hope that they look past the illegal material to see the great community, but for some sites, it goes beyond the illegal subject matter - it's just a matter of trying to be as clean as possible (Some of these sites were around when Nintendo and Sony went ape-crap crazy and began their onslaught against emulation.)
  4. To be fait, most of them were pallete swaps P.S -- 2D fighting died with the Dreamcast! (...I loved my ASCII Arcade stick)
  5. You should see what their parents make them do. I saw a documentary about these kids and they are forced to read 5000 words a day. I also have first hand experience in this and it sucks... I've always wanted to go "F-U-C-K-Y-O-U" if I didn't know the spelling. Yeah, I saw Spellbound too. That, my friends, is a flocked up way to spend your early teen years. But then again, there were the kids that were just totally into it and wanted to make all those sacrifices. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.
  6. It's a GBA Real Time Strategy, Euro only I beleive. Mech Platoon.
  7. Lessee... Lewis Black Richard Prior Gabriel Iglasias (OMG, you have to check out the suff he does on spanish channels -- Comedy Central didn't do him justice ) George Carlin David Chappelle Denis Leary Christopher Titus
  8. For those that are interested in spending some extra money, Lik-Sang has a USB SNES adapter. The price is a bit hefty though, so you may want to think it over.
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