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  1. Thanks BP for the time and effort you keep putting into coinops ,It just keeps getting better and better ,It looks so fucking good on my 46" I really don't bother with the ps3 or 360 anymore ,The game play on the old titles are far more entertaining .I think when the new full pack gets released (coinops 2) im gonna have to build a cab strickly for this . Also good to hear theres going to be your version of xbmc . Big up the BP
  2. Hi BP .Just wondering if you intend on adding any pinball games to the full pack ? There is a few decent one's on the xbox format ------------------------------- 1) Pinball Hall of Fame : The Gottlieb Collection [NTSC] © 2004 Crave 2) Pure Pinball [NTSC] © 2004 XS Games 3) Ultimate Pro Pinball [PAL] © 2005 Empire Would be nice
  3. As for the c64 ,Id be happy with Dynamite dan and The great gianna sisters if you could include those pls BP
  4. BP i have used many front end (emulators) including the cpu hungry hyperspin on the pc .i really think what you have done with coinops is amazing ,Its the only reason i and many of my friends still use and will continue to use the original xbox ,The way you respond and solve any problems users have is second to none .I honestly cant belive you have haters on this project .Bruv fuck them ,it has to be a jealousy situation amongst coders .There honestly cannot be any negative feedback towards this front end .You have to remember theres a lot more people than you think using coinops that dont use these forums and leave any coments .I and im sure many of us are patiently waiting for a full version of coinops2 to be released.Thanks BP ,Phil,Fu and any one els who contributes towards this badboy .
  5. Oh i want one shame your in the u.s booooooo
  6. +1 Would be very very nice to have this done and ready to just ftp across .Looks excellent
  7. B.P any chance of sending me a link or pointing me in the right direction for the new release pls ?
  8. Hi Phil Pac-Land is running just a bit to fast ,I checked the fps 60/61 and enabled/disabled throttle but still not perfect ,On other versions of mame it runs the same . compare it with the pce version ,that runs at normal speed but no shaders doesn't look as nice .Im an original pac-land/Bombjack fanatic,getting a bit older so maybe my trainspoting eyes are becoming blured ... Thanks
  9. Just wanted to say thank you britnyspairs for your hard work .Excellent front end ,And always look forward to your future updates ....P.S is there anyway to get (Pac-Land) old namco rom to run perfect ? Iv tried slowing the framerate down but no good ? Thanks again
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