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  1. Hi You have to use "Xbe Shortcut Maker.exe", this will create a default.xbe and will boot the xbe you have choose, for my xbox i set it to xbmc, so my default.xbe created by "Xbe Shortcut Maker" have to boot to "e:\apps\xbmc\default.xbe" this is the path where xbmc is. Now the default.xbe is created you have to overwrite it instead of your own dashboard default.xbe, for my xbox my dashboard boot to "e:\dahsboard\default.xbe" so i change this default.xbe by the one created by "Xbe Shortcut Maker" And now my xbox boot to xbmc, you can make the same for CoinOPS depending where CoinOPS is intalled in u'r xbox !!! There are a lot of tuto about this prog, i invite you to read them before doing something cause if you make something wrong u will brick your xbox, and to be honest i don't want to be the one that brick u'r xbox !! Cheers
  2. :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
  3. No way to go back if you do that, how can you get acces to ftp then, after booting to coinops by this way?
  4. Thx Merry Xmas and happy New Year too, kisses, we sure love you :-* Cheers and good luck !!!
  5. Thx Jodo901 Edit : That's it !!! Better with the list lol !!! Thanks again it works perfectly now
  6. Damn that's the file that cannot be transfered to the xbox !!!! I delete it !!! Sooo bad i ammmmmm !!! :S Where can i find it otherwise?
  7. I was searching for this files but i didn't find it, this file is present in CoinOPS Showroom for console games but i can't find it for xbox games
  8. Hi BP I wanted to add Xbox games on CoinOPS Epic, but some games don't appears is that because the game name have to be write diferently like Snes,MD.. games or is that becasue of the ID game made by Xbe Shortcut Maker cause i don't change it ? Thx for answer
  9. Hi Thanks Jobo really nice work !!! I'm happy you don't forget Rick Dangerous + Fruity Franck
  10. Hi MR BP ! Your emulator is perfect for me !! But if you can add some games, sure if it's possible, it's the 1st addictive i ever play --> "Fruity Franck" running on Amstrad 6128+, i don't know if you know this game but it is simply the original "Mr Do" game, but it's only available on amstrad. Next if it's possible "Alien Breed 1 & 2" on amiga !! Cheers BP
  11. Hi here is my Youtube video of CoinOPS Epic Sorry for the small quality i will remake it in best quality if it's usefull Oh sweet but i don't want to bother you with that it is approx 400 screenshot more and the fact that it's running with screenshot is not so bad too
  12. I don't know if i will be the 1st but i'll make 1 tonite, c'ant do it yesterday and this afternoon cause of work :-/ But hey !! it works great for me , i have put my games in the list + screenshot (damn i don't know how to make videos) and the list is up to approx 2300 games Nice work again BP thx
  13. Hi Ok Done at 100%, i will try it tonite !! Seeding +1
  14. Hi i'm at 55% With BT :-/ i don't have acces to alt.binaries.boneless but i have acces to alt.binaries.game.xbox, binsearch said that Coinops Epic is there but i can't grab it "files no found" so the only way for me is to wait for BT !! I maybe can have it in 2 days !! lol Anyway thx for your work BP !!
  15. Great thx for your work BP you're the best
  16. Hi If it's possible to add Rick Dangerous and Fruity Franck running on Amstrad
  17. Hi I wish i can make stuff like you BP one day !!! You are my and CoinOps's hero dude !! Thanks for your work and your XBMC works is pretty cool
  18. Thx jobo But where can i found theses files?
  19. Hi to comunity and Mr BP + (.)(.) ! I'm Retro.G new here and really happy to be there First really great work man !!! I have try to read all post but it's really long omg !!! I have a pb with CoinOPS inferno, i don't know why HSF2 + SFA3 don't run, the roms are in the list but when i launch the game it says that there is a problem with the rom size ! Do you know why ? Ah and how can i run Doom ? i din't see it in the list Again and again really great work man !!!
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