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  1. hi Game cop,

    can you get back to me ?I want to be your sponsor .Thank you.

  2. As 3DS owner probably know, that the Nintendo just released a new system firmware version 2.2.0-4 to 3DS console. According our latest information to Acekard team that the 3DS latest update may block the Acekard 2i, so please do not have a try on 3DS system updating till the Acekard team released the upgrade path. Please do not update your 3DS to V2.2if your console prompt you to update. We'll release update file for AK2i ASAP. Please be patient. Thanks. Please keep the 3DS on V2.1 firmware. If you have already got your 3DS to the latest system V2.2.0-4. Please be a little patience, we believe that AK team will soon released the upgrade path. Source : http://www.coolgadgetsgift.com/cgg-news-do...2.2.0-4-en.html
  3. Does Acekard 2i Works on V1.4.3 DSi or 3DS v2.1 Firmware ? Recently, we have received a few emails about this questions. Some questions are like, the Acekard does not work on my DSi and 3DS but work perfect on my DS Lite. Well, our answer is YES. Acekard 2i works perfectly on 3DS v2.1 version and DSi V1.4.3 version. All you need to do is to download the upgrade files to upgrade you Acekard 2i in the first time you received the cards. Please do upgrade your card via a DS Lite before use it on the DSi / 3DS. However, since your DSi has been to the latest system firmware, you are supposed to get a DS Lite to work on the upgrading job. Here is the tutorial on how to upgrade, Source : CoolGadgetsGift
  4. So excited to find a new coupon for a PS3 new jailbreak tools, E3 Flasher ... Very powerful. And now i save 10% on the order... Source : http://www.coolgadgetsgift.com/cgg-promoti...-coupon-en.html
  5. DS console wallpaper is updated… this is the One way to get you DS console more cool, it is quite easy, like you are changing the computer wallpaper at anytime you want. Acekard will do that for you. You can easily get a cool, sexy background wallpaper to your DS console. Whatever it is DS Lite, DSi, 3DS and whatever firmware you DS console is, cause Ackeard 2i is compatible with all these console perfectly. Acekard fans share the arts mostly everyday, if you like it, then do not hesitate and just download it. Source :http://www.coolgadgetsgift.com/cgg-news-acekard-2i-ds-wallpaper-download.-en.html
  6. A new Woodr4i V1.36has just been released, which fixed several games bugs as below, 5816_dragon quest monsters - joker2(usa) 5815_paws & claws - pampered pets2(usa) Source : http://www.coolgadgetsgift.com/cgg-news-wo...4i-card-en.html There are two R4i cards works on this woodr4i, see information as below, The First one is R4i Gold 3DS backup by R4ids.cn R4i Gold 3DS card is presented by the famous and great R4i team, which has dedicated to R4 flashcard products for over 5 years. And now, they keep hardworking on flashcard in order to provide more DS console experience solutions to the gamers. With the woodR4 continuous update, you will definitely get more fun. How to update WoodR4 There are 5 files in the woodr4i, please upzip and copy to the root directory and over write the current files in your memory card. The second one is R4iDSN 3DS backup by R4idsn.com R4iDSN card supports Wood R4, it is a complete solution with no need to purchase any additional components or deal with any messy software and truly the easiest media enhancer you have ever done; To simply put it, this is a must have peripheral for any regular DSL / DSi / LL / XL host. (Limited to back up your copyright related content. Not used for illegal purposes. Source : http://www.coolgadgetsgift.com/cgg-news-wo...4i-card-en.html WoodR4i V1.36 Download link : http://www.r4idsn.com/admin/userimages/WOOD_R4idsn.rar How to update WoodR4 There are 4 files in the woodr4i, please upzip and copy to the root directory and over write the current files in your memory card.
  7. Nintendo has been done a lot of works on DS handheld console's system update, such as DSiV1.4.2, 3DS v2.0.02 and the latest DSi V1.4.3. Every update certainly brings some trouble to homebrew card fan, since the R4i card might be blocked and need to find solution from internet or reseller. For DSi V1.4.2 and 3DS v2.0.0-2U / v2.0.02E, CGG was very happy to see that Acekard team, R4iDSN team, R4i Gold, iSmart team, R4i SDHC team all made a big efforts in the first early time to give a new kernel update for user to resolve the "not working" problem without facing any big problem. If your DSi system firmware is V1.4.2, and the above flashcard does not working your DSi or 3DS console. You can go to the below link and download the upgrade file, do as it is said in the instruction. See more at http://www.coolgadgetsgift.com/cgg-news-v1...dsi-v1.4.3.html
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