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Does Acekard 2i Work on V1.4.3 DSi or 3DS v2.1

Balaisa Mocho



Does Acekard 2i Works on V1.4.3 DSi or 3DS v2.1 Firmware ?


Recently, we have received a few emails about this questions. Some questions are like,


the Acekard does not work on my DSi and 3DS but work perfect on my DS Lite.


Well, our answer is YES. Acekard 2i works perfectly on 3DS v2.1 version and DSi V1.4.3 version. All you need to do is to download the upgrade files to upgrade you Acekard 2i in the first time you received the cards.


Please do upgrade your card via a DS Lite before use it on the DSi / 3DS.


However, since your DSi has been to the latest system firmware, you are supposed to get a DS Lite to work on the upgrading job.


Here is the tutorial on how to upgrade,



Source : CoolGadgetsGift



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