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Does Acekard 2i Work on 3DS V2.2.0-4

Balaisa Mocho


As 3DS owner probably know, that the Nintendo just released a new system firmware version 2.2.0-4 to 3DS console.


According our latest information to Acekard team that the 3DS latest update may block the Acekard 2i, so please do not have a try on 3DS system updating till the Acekard team released the upgrade path.


Please do not update your 3DS to V2.2if your console prompt you to update. We'll release update file for AK2i ASAP. Please be patient. Thanks.


Please keep the 3DS on V2.1 firmware. If you have already got your 3DS to the latest system V2.2.0-4. Please be a little patience, we believe that AK team will soon released the upgrade path.


Source : http://www.coolgadgetsgift.com/cgg-news-do...2.2.0-4-en.html


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