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    E<br> M<br> U<br> L EMULATION ROX0Rs!!<br> A<br> T<br> I<br> O<br> N
  1. my windows hdd (c:) went down.. and i had to use another hdd (d:) for windows.. before my c: went down.. i had locked a folder (my documents) in my account.. after installin it in d:, i cannot access that folder.. it displays: H: is not accessible. Access is denied. anyone know how to access it? thanks!
  2. i'm a korean music fanatic lol.. my fav (and i totally recommend it) is BROWN EYES and BROWN EYED SOUL.. can i post a link or something? is it alright?
  3. haven't got a chance to introduce myself.. i'm Shox from Singapore.
  4. oh nvm.. but thanks anyways i think i got it.. had to download bioses and put in into the neogeo.zip together... how dumb of me.. >.< thanks a lot!
  5. yeah i know.. but i don't think there is one in this FBA..
  6. noob here.. how do we play it in console mode in FBA? i can't seem to find it..
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