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  1. hello boys and girls.... long time.... '20/10/2012' then 'october 20' was written by me, I was smashed on Brandy :D I can change it if it bothers you ;)


    Anywho, I see this serious CoinOPS thread has turned a little sour :( In other news its nice to see Waal back... Hello Waal !


    I read a few pages back about the people downloading the same stuff they already got from the last build... to be honest it just ensures that people who aint too good at moving roms and files about can use it easily with a single drag n drop.... everyone has the same build so we dont get lots of posts like "why dont pacman load" and after loads of pissing about and trouble shooting you find out they got a bad rom.... nice and easy to just copy 1 folder to the xbox and leave it.... But there is the standalone for those who dont mind the manual upgrade... Me I just redownload it as Im both busy and lazy.... Also Keeps everyone on the same page, lets face it 50GB aint that much these days :D


    anyways hope your all well, I will pass by again soon to say hi

  2. Q - Can I filter to Arcade Only?

    A - Yes change the FILTER setting to Filter to Arcades only

    pressing the Black button will switch between Arcades Only and All Games

    Note - You can then lock it to Favs only and this would lock it into only Arcade Games

  3. CoinOPS 4 is now officially released at UG


    If you struggle for ratio then PM on UG and I will grace you enough GB needed to help download CoinOPS4 so you do not get banned. However this is on an agreement to seed a minimum of 1:1 (More if you can)




    CoinOPS4 reports an error when unpacking. CoinOPS4 will still unpack and run but The HD skin 11 (1941 I think) will not display,


    I am unsure why this has happened but I will attach missing file below.


    Please use link below or attachment, download and unzip, then replace 11HD







    The Features etc:


    Filter Modes...filter by Arcade only....Console Only....Vertical Games Only and lots more (Massive Choice)

    Mortal Kombats with sound support (you can choose the version you prefer, I prefer Midway Treasures)

    Automatic HD Support

    Video Preview support support

    Screenshot Preview support

    Background Music support

    Most featured sort engine for any emulator on the XBOX

    Most acurate keymap arcade emulator on the XBOX

    Simple favorite system support

    Cheat support

    Monitor on it side (tate) support

    Keymap support

    Simplest keymapping and aspect correction for Console on the XBOX

    Greatest Aspect Correction support for any arcade emulator on the XBOX

    One click aspect correction support

    Commandline support

    Game tracking stat support

    Mouse and trackball support

    Game Information support

    Vector game support

    Artwork support

    Multple skin color support

    Multiple skin type support

    Many Many skins to choose from

    Full Screen Previews support

    Folder path support

    An Optomised Memory Core....allowing 1000s more games to be supported at greater speeds

    DRAGON Media Player and Dashboard seemless intergration...the exciting new Dash

    Raiden Fighters Jet, DoDonpachi 2, DoDonpachi Arrange support, Demon Front

    Trackball, Spinner and analog dial support, a first for the xbox

    Atari ST, Atari 2600, CollecoVision and Intellivsion Support

    Monitor on side (tate) and Autorotate support for final burn games, a first for the xbox

    Virtua cop 3/All CPS3/DD Crew/Desert Breakers Support for 128 Meg users, a first for the xbox

    100s more best of games from new systems supported and some more on all the old supported fav systems

    X68000 Support

    Amstrad Support

    MSX Support

    Mortal Kombat 3 with Sound

    Easiest Amiga Multi Disc ever

    Atari XL, 800, 7800

    Modified Capcom CPS3 Core..... SF3 SF3 2nd SF3 3rd JoJo JoJo Bizar Red Earth

    Multiple Skin types

    Spectrum Support

    Ulitmate Mortal Kombat with Sound

    New Skin Type....lots and lots of skins added....more music more more more



    Support availible at Coinopsproject (google it or see the read me) and also here at 1emulation.


    Standalone and Lite versions are due late April \ early May


    PLEASE NOTE: Game Packs are also availible on UG, these are not all complete but close enough.



    Thanks goto to BP for this great release, also please do the section by +T+ if you want to know more about the authors that created the Emulators \ Cores that CoinOPS uses which can be found here: http://www.1emulatio...hat-is-coinops/

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  4. I personaly think you should consider deleting or moving the threads from the past and the stuff no longer in support and start a fresh with all this new stuff we have been doing at CoinOPS Project.


    Its your choice obviously, I just think the past is the past.... Look towards the future !



  5. Hey Fella,


    Offical support availible by googling Coinops Project. (Coinops is a banished topic to most people who live here)


    Fu I hope you are well..... did Snesorma vanish?



    onto business:


    The main question I would also be asking is what size is the HDD in the xbox? Its ok having 36GB of coinops but with a stock HDD you wont have room.



    Tristian I hope you are also well...


    Link removed for you, but there was no http: so technically it was not a link, just friendly advise.

  6. sorry guys


    so we can talk about the emulators but not where to download it?



    easy fella i was kidding :) but its the roms you do not own you cannot ask for (ask someone to PM you a link ), its ok to talk about the emus with illegal bios files like the ones used for neogeo :) (just kiddin) I dont even know if they use the bios files its just a guess... i just play the games ;)


    I can tell you *snip* has all you need :) google is your friend

  7. hey guys new to xbox emulators


    Just managed to buy a 160GB xbox with XMBC for $50 bucks in Australia


    Just wondering where I can get this emulator an all the games like a complete set download?


    Apparently asking for this is frowned upon on this forum, Robert please close this thread :)

  8. ace9094, your attitude is typical of the selfish and short-sighted leeches that CoinOPS and other dubious projects like it depend on for their userbase. As long as you're getting your games to play you don't care whose work, whose wishes, or whose rules you have to take a dump on. With people such as yourself around it's a wonder there is any Xbox development left at all. Frankly it's my view that the emulation scene as whole would be the far better off without these 'projects' and without your sort.


    Call it what you like, but the above is my opinion and I'll express it wherever I see these sad and shameful practises surface.



    That is correct, it is your opinion and you are entitled to it... However your view of me is a little incorrect but again your opinion and right to say so...


    Selfish, yes I guess I am, I do want to play lots of games same as everyone else that follows coinops.

    I dont know you or any other Dev's personally, i can barley write nevermind write code, However I do respect your work... Same as I respect the work of the extras team...


    In fact I used to use FBL but only to play games, not tweek with settings etc. When BP added it to the coinops I stopped using FBL, same as extras stuff... not because I am a BP defender but because it was all in 1 place for me to use and simple for family and friends .


    I dont care if you hate BP none of my business, I dont care if you hate me, but I respect his work the same as I respect yours. I dont agree with what he writes sometimes but its upto him.


    I own a few arcade games and a LOADS of console and games... CoinOPS and Emulation in general saves me dusting them off. If the "scene" is better off without people like me then surley this also includes Fumanchu (one of the nicest guys I ever met online for helping people), Philexile distributed coinops, the whole xtras team hosting emulators and roms and many more... you create FBL and use drivers for many games I bet you do not own. To me its the same thing, I know not to you from a devs point but as a user its the same to me.



  9. when it comes to locks, maybe ace can confirm if they are in it this time around. i think they were taken out due to bp has gone a different direction with coinops3. he's decided to seperate arcade & consoles. it's now "your" choice to have either or both. [ironic] :)


    i'm just posting what i see so far... your choice of using coinops 3 or not.



    No locks are in CoinOPS 3 at all, it was designed by BP so you get to choose what you want, thats what peple asked for... thats what people got.



  10. I just wish the people on the release side of things would learn how to make a DAT file and torrentzip the torrents.


    If your worried about hit and runs than this would help greatly .


    And no it isnt that hard or complicated , all you have to do is grab datutil .


    How to use Datutil:


    run CMD.exe

    cd to your datutil directory EX: cd C:\datutil

    type in the games directory EX:

    For a Romcenter datafile type: datutil -f romcenter2 C:\MyGames

    For a ClrMamePro datafile type: datutil C:\MyGames


    now grab torrentzip and the java gui and zip it for consistency .


    To be honest thats the first time I heard how to do that... you could of suggested that BEFORE it was released not AFTER !


    The reason it is raw files is because my upload connection is between 12kb and 60kb so to zip it and reupload it will take ages...

    you wanna help? you do it !


    Pay for the FTP out of your pocket for the files to be stored on so EVERYONE can keep enjoying CoinOPS, do ya mame dat thingy ma wotsit your moaning about, spend hours away from your family in another room creating torrents and checking everyone is connecting OK...


    Im trying to give back a little to the people because I have taken from the community in the 2 years I have been apart of it! What does everyone else do to help? Halloween is over so drop the coinops witch hunt... This topic is the most 1emu xbox section has seen since trisian's marquee for FBL (nice work by the way)


    rant over


    See you in another few weeks

  11. Blah Blah Blah Blah BP, Blah Blah Blah BP stealing, copywrite, frowned upon, binarys, .... C'mon I have been biting my toungue on this but if this Thread gets 30 hits in 2 days and the others are tumble weed city then well no comment...


    PS I you all dont own the original PCB's for all the arcade games you play, or all the carts, tapes and disks for the games you use...


    Infact what about the rights to use the artwork, videos, music? I bet you never downloaded a movie either....


    Bill Gates dont care, why should you...


    Here is an idea ring F.A.C.T, tll them see how they laugh...



    The last person i knew who moaned like this had a minge and loved shopping !


    If you aint form the UK look it up.... if you are and you aint a nerd I bet your chuckling :)

    Seems like the greeneyed monster is in town...

  12. well thx for postin what files are in the classic folder now at least i know what i need to get a certain game workin

    no one wanted to tell me elseware for some reason


    If you would of asked me I would of told you.... :)


    you could also have downloaded the torrent file and opened it utorrent, that also would of yold you :)

  13. another coinops release...again, many games added and fixed, dont know why BP doesn't put a list of these games.........


    Yep, There is another one due 11-11-11 with over 3000 games and support for upto 12,000 videos.... The fix info and supported games info are availible... There hasn't been much else released of late really... Some new FBL stuff, and new roms which are all of course welcomed too.


    No need to moan.... if you dont like, dont download it, dont comment on it.... The thread is just to let people know it about. :P


    adios amigos

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