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  1. Okay i got it!! I used another modded xbox and loaded the softmod to the xbox mem stick and did the transfer.

    So Now I have my new modded box with nothing in it. So How can I start loading the arcade games (coinOps) ect ect. Do I just FTP the box and load the apps strait to it?




    yes you can softmod without an action replay its called hotswapping.



    there should be some videos on youtube to take you through the process of hotswapping.if you dont wont to do this either then you should go down the modchip route if you or soemone you know are comfortable with a soldering iron that is.

    or maybe someone in your area offers a modding service.

  2. The hard mod needs a modchip and some solderings (difficult) on the motherboard of the console. A soft mod can be done easily, being only software based. Changing the hdd can be done only after modding the console, and it is easier with a hard mod (you can just put a new hdd, with the softmod you have also to generate a special code to lock the hdd. anything is explained in softmod tutorials). So, the easier way would be softmodding and keeping the original hdd, it has enough space for Reignite, the games, the games screenshots for the menu. The video previews need a lot of space and arent strictly necessary, even if they look great.


    Well I already have the harddrive, So I might as well use it. Can you point me at the easy soft mod and hard drive replacment?

  3. Hello Everybody!! First off just want to say I have been reading thru the forums here, and all you guys and gals are amazing on the things you can hack, rip, burn, and build!!!!

    The things you can do with these game consoles are down right CRAZY!!


    Well on too my story, I just picked up 5 full-size arcade games.

    1) Turkey hunt USA (works perfect)

    2) Sharpshooter (needs 2 new guns)

    3) Martial Champions (works perfect)

    4) Asteroids 1979 all original unmolested condition (needs power supply)

    5) Gauntlet Legends 4 player (flawless condition)


    Sooooooooo......I was thinking about turning the martial champion’s cabinet into a MAME and using the Xbox to drive it.

    I'm looking to make it look and feel just like and original arcade. I plan to take 2 x-box controllers and direct wire them to a new dual 10 button 8 way joystick panel (that I plan on building). I’m also going to replace the old 25” tube monitor with a fresh 27” color TV. My first question is what arcade emulator has the most arcade style games on it.

    I have a bone stock x-box, so what’s my next step? Also have a fresh 40GB hard drive i would like to install in it as well.

    Don’t think the old 8GB is going to cut it. So what are my first steps I need to take?


    Thanks guys and gals!!


    Will standby for answers


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