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  1. did you get any of those emus onto your xbox i sent you??



    Yes I did. I got them all loaded in and working great. I even got that mortal combat pack burned on a DVD and plays great as well!!!! I'm going to pop in my 160GB hard drive I just picked up and start burning games over to it. Fun times ahead.

  2. Oh Transparency, sounds intriguing. I'm looking for it right now. There was another guy here on line that built a few arcade cab's and the way his home screen was SICK. Looked like something you would see in a real arcade. Have you seen the one I'm talking about?

  3. Oh yeah, just FTP'd the newest version of XBMC, reboot and works like a charm. I'm going to install the Rapier skin for it nest. than finally going to FTP the new CoinOps Showcase emulator. and play some well deserved games!!!!!

  4. Good morning gent's. @Californiadad, if you have a working iso that boots your HDD's sucessfully you dont need to build another one to clone with. Cloning is only really for full set-ups. ie - with xbmc, emulators etc. Use the disc you have on your large HDD. Pop that in the xbox when built and upgrade the bejesus out of that.


    Seems like I was still getting errors when I tried to load EvoX. I put the notes up a few posts.



    you guys freaking know what the whole problem was this whole time. Freaking idiot!!


    Do you want to lock the hard drive (Y/N) ? = YES

    Wrong you need to type = Y not YES

    Freaking drive is locked up now.


    I'm connected FTP to the box as we speak!! Yeah I fingered or figured it out!!!


    So now when I boot up my xbox it takes me to the evoX screen

    What should my next step be? (((hands are shaking)))



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