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  1. I think your mixed up Khakee....


    Ankhen = Mission Impossible Ripoff

    Akshay Kumar = Tom Cruise wannabe


    :lol: :lol: :lol::-D:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Ankhen Is Not A Mission Impossible Ripoff.The Trailer Was Just A Ripoff.

    Akshay Kumar Is Keanu Reeves,Tom Cruise :lol::lol::lol::lol:

  2. Khakee, why do you have an extremely attractive man as your avatar? I think you are teh g@y :lol:


    But back to cricket. I'm going to have my grandparents mail my cricket bat from when I went to school in India. That thing was awesome! I hit 2 sixers with it! And I was (and still am) a weakling so the magic had to be in the bat.

    I Think You Should Give The Bat To Sourav ganguly To Get Back On His Form :(

  3. The hell? a FPS out of a movie. I wonder if that sells? or is it crappy like Indian special effects? :P  I've seen clips of the Aankhen game where you're Amitabh and you have to rob the bank or something. It looked like a total copy of Mission Impossible.  :D

    Ankhen=Mission Impossible

    Akshay Kumar=Tom Cruise :(:lol::lol:

  4. i can't believe i missed this topic i'm a big cricket fan even though i'm not all that good at it. and the first match pakistan lost and the second they won. right?

    Yes.Hope You join With me Next Time B)B)

    How come you changed your avatar to an ATI one Khakee??? :P


    The next match should be awesome...I cannot wait...errrr when is it on again?? :lol:

    Friday!!!Let The party begin :lol::lol::lol:

  5. Thats an awesome score.......but I don't usually trust GameSpot.....I trust Fatismu....


    Anyways, I get to pick up my UT2k4 today....so I can will know how good t is first hand....If its like the DEMO then its gonna rock....



    Gamespot is Trusted WorldWide..I Bet This Game Will Rock The Whole World.

    I Am Waiting For The Pirated Cd :devil::devil::devil:

    Because my Father,Give Me Only 2 Dollars To Buy Games.. :lol:

    Lets go Everybody Buy The Game!!! :lol::lol::o

  6. GryphonKlaw I'm sure it has to be with a stranger....and it cannot be someone who you have already $%@$ last time on a plane. :devil:

    GryphonClaw Is In Grade 11 he Really Does This $%@$ :devil:

    HAHAHAHAAHA....Why do you think GryphonClaw is in Grade 11???? :devil:, maybe because of his avatar :D

    Hey Man I Alwasy Do Serious Jokes :lol:

    Then GryphonClaw Must Be In Nursery... :lol::o:lol:

  7. Walt Disney Co. created a new kind of DVDs which self-destruct 48 hours after it's opening. The self-destructing EZ-D DVDs, developed by privately held Flexplay Technologies, quit playing 48 hours after they are opened as a chemical reacts with air, obscuring the tracks on the disc so a laser cannot read them. It's a good thing for video club, since they won't have to bother about customers bringing back videos anymore.


    The only bad point of this is the waste of discs it will create, but Disney sayd it had a recycling program. So far, this DVD is only available in Florida, but the trial will be expanded to Phoenix, Arizona, San Antonio, Texas, and Denver, Colorado, in April and May.


    Imagine having a DVD explode in your Hands.....You could sue Walt Disney Co. for millions :(

    Then Give The Dvd's To Military Or Commandos They Dont Need Any Bombs. :-D

  8. nVidia cards sucks compared to Ati cards......andd their no expensive they are roughly about the same as nVidia but it depends on if you want top of the range or budget...


    I brought top of the range because i need it for university...Im going multimedia as my electives as apart of my IT degree

    Dude that Is Completely Wrong... :(

    Check This On TomsHardware! :-D

    Click here!

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