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  1. I can give that "bhagat singh" game to anyone that wants it through DC++, its only like 6 megs zipped.


    It's not that well made a game though, the worst thing is the keys are mapped so that left and right turn left and right and < and > are strafe left and right, but you use the mouse to aim and shoot and you can't remap the keys! Also, everyone speaks Hindi (I think) so I can't understand what's going on.

    If You're Not An Indian Then How Did You Get It? B)

    From your Indian Friend :lol:

  2. nVidia cards sucks compared to Ati cards......andd their no expensive they are roughly about the same as nVidia but it depends on if you want top of the range or budget...


    I brought top of the range because i need it for university...Im going multimedia as my electives as apart of my IT degree

    I Am Just A Gamer.i Only See Movies,Listen To Mp3s.And Do Nothin.

    Do You Have A Lcd Monitor?

    Your pc Is Hi-Fi So You Must Have An Lcd :lol:

    Half-Life 2 Will Run On Your Pc Like A Bullet.

    Doom-3 Will Also Run Like A Bullet I Guess.

    Do You Have Played This Games?

  3. Yes....I used to have nVidia but their new generation of cards are not up to ATI's standards....


    Your computer setup is awesome but if I were you I would buy a better graphics card :lol:

    Ati Costs So Much B)

    So I Couldn't Buy It :(

    But I Will Buy It With my Next Pc

    I Will buy The Ati Radeon 9600SE 128 DDR 8X Agp.

    My Elder brother Always Says To Bou nVIDA Agp's :(

  4. I'm Thinking To Write A Story Called Mummy-IV:Mummy Goes To Hell ;)

    Anyone Interested In That Story :lol: If You Are Then Please Give A Name Of Your Charecter.And In That Story The Mummy Will Be AGOZER!!! :) Hope You Guys Join With Me.  :lol:


    (Thread Edited By GameCop | Reason: Deceptive Topic Title)

    So,No One Will Join :)

  5. Well my Notebook Specs are:-


    Intel 3ghz Processor

    128mb Ati Raedon 9700 Pro Mobility

    1gig 3200 DDR Ram


    And my Desktop Specs are:-


    AMD Athlon? 64 3200+ Processor

    Gigabyte K8NNXP nForce3 150 chipset Motherboard

    256mb Ati Raedon 9800 Pro

    1gig 3200 DDR Ram




    I think my PC and Notebook are fast enough to handle Cricket 2004 :lol:



  6. There is a game but the graphics look like PS1 graphics ;)

    no Cricket 2004 Grahics Is Not That bad.Your Resoulution Must Be Lower :lol:

    I Play Cricket 2004 On My Pc On 1280X1024.

    P-4 2.6C/512 DDR Ram/128 DDR GF4MX440 8X AGP/Asus p4p800m/b

    You Must Have A pc Like me To Play Cricket 2004 In PS2 graphics :)

  7. I once saw a movie with that game in it... I think it was called Lagaan or something like that

    Lagaan Was A Bollywood Film The Film Was all About Cricket.In The Film Amir

    Khan Plays As A Player of India.India have To Defeat British.Mainly the Film Was About To Get A Oscar.Then A War Who Will Get The Oscar Legendary Film Devdas Or Lagaan?

    Then Finally No One Gets The Oscar.Chicago Gets it. :lol:

  8. WTF is criket. It's so damn weird. Some guy hits a wooden ball(looks like wood) with a giant paddle(come on guys how lazy is that) Then they run back and forth in between two weird mounted wood thingys. The game is so damn complicated. Is there even a game about it?

    Ya There Is A Game Ea Sports Cricket 2004 :lol:

  9. I'm Thinking To Write A Story Called Mummy-IV:Mummy Goes To Hell :)

    Anyone Interested In That Story :) If You Are Then Please Give A Name Of Your Charecter.And In That Story The Mummy Will Be AGOZER!!! ;) Hope You Guys Join With Me. :lol:


    (Thread Edited By GameCop | Reason: Deceptive Topic Title)

  10. Whats up the sarcasm?? Sachin is one of the greatest cricket players in the history of cricket.......


    I don't see you playing a sport for your country.....  :lol:

    The main Thing Is indians Defeted For their Poor Bowling....

    All Great Bowlers Are Injured Agarkar,Harbhajan,Kumble... :)

  11. I hate Ganguly....he should be kicked of the team and the get the crap kicked out of him.....same goes for Sehwag....


    Sachin Tendulkar is an absolute LEGEND...congratulations to hiim for surpassing 13,000 runs


    Credit to Pakistan for an amazing match....:)

    Yes Sachin Scored 141 Thats A Huge Turning Point For India. :lol:

  12. Pakistan's cricket team is awesome but lets see if they come back from their defeat and upset the indians

    Comeon,Pakistan Scored 330 Of 6 Wickets.Afridi,Razzaq,Yasir Smashed India.

    Lets See What Can India Do With Sachin And Dravid.. :lol:

    India Loses For Ganguly And Sehwag They Sucked :)

  13. Now I'm completely lost... Khakee, make some damn sense.

    Where Are You In Hell?

    I Have Killed You Or Something?

    Your Lost In The Egypt Cause You're A Egyptian Mummy.You've Waken About 10,0000 Years Later :lol:

    So you are stating that you murdered him about 10,000 years ago, mummified him, and are still alive to witness his resurrection? Niiiiiiiiiiiceeeeeee... nice :blink:


    Ya I Killed Agozer 10,000 years Ago :lol::lol::lol:

    I will have my revenge! RAARRGGGHHHH!

    Then Get The Revenge Agozer :lol:

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