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  1. I have watched the movie like 10 times with my parents :D

    Yes Thats Good Because,Ajay Devgan have Become The best Actor With That Film.

    Rajkumar Santoshi Is Really A Good Man.He Always Creates Good Films.

    Like His Latest Film Khakee.I Liked Rajkumar Santoshi's "Khakee" Very Very Much.

    Do You Have Seen It?D.M.S Films And Rajkumar Santoshi Made "Khakee" A Blockbuster.Amitabh Was In The Main Role.Akshay Acted Very Well In That Film.

    Aishwariya Rai Always Kissed Ajay Devgan In That Film... :lol:

  2. I don't watch bollywood movies, but I have a FPS called "Baghat Singh", which I believe is based on a popular Indian film character?

    It Is Based On A indian Charecter The Man Died In A Indian War his Name Was Bhagat Singh.The War Was British Vs Indians I Played The Demo.I Think It Is Based On A Movie The Legend Of Bhagat Singh.... :lol:

  3. :lol: You guys are my brothers. Where do you guys live? :lol:


    I'm enjoying this. Indian talk in an emulation forum. That's totally nuts.  ;)

    I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana.


    And yes, everyone says I'm white washed. flock them. B)

    Too Sad you Are White Washed... :lol:

  4. Now I'm completely lost... Khakee, make some damn sense.

    Where Are You In Hell?

    I Have Killed You Or Something?

    Your Lost In The Egypt Cause You're A Egyptian Mummy.You've Waken About 10,0000 Years Later B)

    So you are stating that you murdered him about 10,000 years ago, mummified him, and are still alive to witness his resurrection? Niiiiiiiiiiiceeeeeee... nice :lol:


    Ya I Killed Agozer 10,000 years Ago :lol::lol:;)

  5. IMHO India will win the series......

    If Inzamam And Yousuf Youhana Gets Injured Then India Will Win The Series.

    I Heard That Today Shoaib Akther Is Fired Up.Coz,The Match Will Be On Rawalpindi.And Shoaib's Name Is Rawalpindi Express.And Saqlain Mushtaq Is Also Coming....Watch Out India Be Careful With Shoaib,Inzi,Saqlain And Youhana.. :lol:

  6. I hate Barney with a Passion.....It all started when I was 5 years old and I watched it for the first time.....it was all cool until he began to sing that gayass finishing song.....I thought to myself.....that barney is a gay purple freak.....hehehehe  :lol:  B)


    Anyways, bank on topic......I wouldn't mind seeing Cody Banks 2 (For Free ;) ) because I keep on hearing that part 1 was pretty good.....has anyone watched Cody Banks 1?

    I Have Watched It With my Family :lol:

    it's A Freaking Cool Movie :lol:

  7. Shah Rukh Khan is easily the best indian actor.....all of the other guys suck ass......

    You Guys Have Seen Rajkumar Santoshi's "Khakee"

    If You have Seen that Movie You Should Have Told Amitabh Bachan Is The Best Actor Of Bollywood.Sharukh Is Just A Comedy Actor.His Comedy Films Always Hits.

    Example-Badshah...A Breathtaking Comedy Film. :lol:

  8. M.B.B.S Munnabhai is the best movie ever!!!!!


    Part 2 is coming out soon.........

    I hope they still have that second main gunda type guy, what what his name? Circuit or something, but yeah, that'd be dope. I've never seen sequels in a hindi movie. It's all good, I hope they don't mess it up. :lol:

    His Name Was Arshed Warsi B)

  9. The new one might proove interesting.

    i Dont think so K'Dash! :huh:

    Don't have to bite my head for saying that it might be interesting. It's like your some sort of communist or something.


    Dude, really, its a view on something, and we're all allowed a view on something, as the first amendment(sp?) of our human constituational(sp again) right.

    Hahaha! But he's not from our country so our laws don't apply to him.


    Hey Khakee, are you by any chance Pakistani?

    Gryphon You Were So Close....I'm In The Middle Of Pakistan And India... :lol:

    It Means I'm From Bangladesh :P

  10. I love how you guys go seriously off topic  :huh:

    Well what real-life conversation stays on topic anyway?


    Like if your talking about shoes, the conversation usually drifts off to talking about naked chicks. :P

    Gryphon What Are You Talking About?Naked Chicks??? :lol:

  11. Cody Banks 2 Hits The Box Office At#2 And Kicks Starsky & Hutch To #3. :lol:

    Anybody Have Seen Cody Banks 2? :huh:

    How old are you?


    I always see you spamming the boards with these movie topics. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but you always write like a sentence and...that's it. No content, nothing. Kinda irksome, that's all.


    I See Your Cody Banks!!! :P

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