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  1. Ive been looking for certain games (using google, yahoo etc.) and still found it VERY hard to find them




    Hey guys why is it impossible to find CPS1-2 or NEO GEO roms ? like seriously.

    unplug your internet now.


    Thank you...


  2. I highly doubt you'll find anyone telling you to use Vista, Vista sucks and EVERYONE knows it.....hence such a quick announcement about Windows 7. No OEM wants to continue using Vista.


    Vista HAS failed.


    Well you never know, there's bound to be some random fanboy about.


    True, I know a few. I pity them...

  3. My sister's campus has the same thing. Apparently the login thing only applies to windows PCs, Thats at her campus.


    Umm check if the console your using allows connecting with a BSSID(mac address)


    Get a linux PC and use programs like Airodump or MDK3 to find the ESSID.

    Backtrack has all the necessary programs on a live disk, you might want to check that out.

    Airodump-ng(included with the aircrack-ng) can probe the ESSID if there are clients connected to the AP.

    MDK3 allows you to bruteforce the ESSID.

  4. Dudes, this is totally fake. The first time I thought it was pretty fishy.


    those who see it change notice how long it takes for her to spin back the other way.

    Now do a refresh, takes the same time.

    save the pictures

    Now her spinning in your browser, wait 5ish seconds and then open the one you saved on your PC.


    You'll see the image spinning opposite of each other sometimes.

  5. Well, I have a relative in college now, and I'm doing tech support. Oh she doesnt have a macbook, I convinced her not to. And on the campus all I see are flocking macbooks. Jeezus Christ! With such a price tag those idiots could have gotten a much faster PC. is?


    Do you guys believe this too? Hell I they're just stupid fads like iPods. Why are people buying these pieces of crap?


    What are your people's opinions?

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