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  1. I Cant Believe You Want Azn Rap(I'm Azn And I Hate It) I THnk Rap Is A Waste Of Time Thats Why I Listen To Rock. And If You Still Want Those Songs Use

    Kazaa Lite K+++ To Get It Go To FileMirrors.com And Search For klitekpp Cuz Its Better Than Original Kazaa.

  2. Ok The Loader For WinKawaks Doesn't Work I Add Some Games And The Games Already In The Asr.dat File Isn't There Either I Tried Renaming It To Add.dat, And Still The Same Thing Happened. I Guess I'll Have To Stick To My Neubla 2.18a *Sigh* That Slow Piece Of Crap.

  3. Hello I'm Still New To This Site And I Have A Question On How To Add Games To Emulators That Are Not By The Official Release. I Heard You Have To Do Some Thing With Romcenter Or Some thing Like That, But I Have No Idea How So If There Is Any One Out There That Can Help Me.


    I Found A Way To Add Games To FBA's Scorce Code But Dont Know How To Make The FBA Prgram.


    Thank You In Advance.

  4. Ya It Is Horibble, The Semi-Boss Is A Zero From Kof2k1(I Think) That Is Looking Like He's On Fire, The Final Boss Is A Sun. There's More Crap In The Game.

    Well To Play It, I use Nebula, For The Steps To Add The Game To Nebula Click Here

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