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  1. I'm jealous...the old lady took the TV when she left after I lost my job. That story is for a differ forum w/ country music playin. DaphneX Roms and FBA 1.29 is all that I lack in the Xbox mod world. Without HD now am I missing out on 1.29....emulation is better? I have been playing XMUGEN and Xbox version of Baldur's Gate Dark Allience I as of late....to stick to the thread.
  2. Where does the line start and how do I get in?
  3. fcreeves its a link to the standalone emu i have been sending to people,do you already have r2 or r1?? vegeta link sent. I have R1 & R2. I am just overly eager for a new ROMset. Need patience. Thank you.
  4. Can I be added to the list also? I have the standalone and notice more screenshots than ROMs from R1....That's prob all there is for now?
  5. OFF topic, but could I get a link to those mpeg's?
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