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  1. Its OK BP. You know how some of us feel now. This could have been shut down a while ago. The first time you asked actually spoke for itself actually. I've said my piece, so I wish everyone the best. Godspeed to you BP. Sorry you lost my support, but like you said, Im just a newbe you dont care about at all. Thanks to all the XBox developers who got us this far. Your support was invaluable.
  2. All the other crap you said aside, there is the kicker. Think about it everyone. If the developers BP is "adopting" from had not worked on bringing those apps to the Xbox in the first place, then there would be almost nothing new for BP to "insert" into his ConOPS app for you in this new version of his. The emus under that hood were all given by other coders. Some were out of date, but FBL was still being worked on. No dev will put up with that kind of thing at this point. And thats how its going to be now, so make the best of it BP lovers. There will be no more ConOPS updates worth a damn because no one is going to work on sacrificing all their time for a thief. Now that all the talent is opting out, Britney will tinker around with a few minimal changes, slap a fancy name on ConOPS, and release a "new build" every week or two. Thats all you've got to look forward to now people. The scene will indeed suffer due to one man's arrogance and selfishness. It seems clear to me that BP doesnt know how to add updates like the ones hes "inserting" into his app with command launching. He doesn't take it well when other devs make gracious contributions for the scene. Either you are contributing to BP first, or you are his enemy. He acts like he owns the Xbox community all to himself. Well, now you do BP. Go for it. Best of luck to you. CoinOPS itself was even held back by your reputation. I saw so many people bashing you and I could not figure it out. All I thought you were trying to do was give to the users and I thought the scene was benefitting from it. Boy how wrong I realize I was now. You probably would have received more help moving ConOPS forward the right way had you demonstrated a bit of decency towards other people. I never once saw nes6502 trying to rip off any code from your Coinops experiment. Nor has he trolled your threads looking to advertise his works either. The same goes for every other developer out there. For every little thing you gave the scene you killed so much more that we could have had with your ways. If their emus are so buggy and terrible, why are you stealing their code then? Whats the motivation for that? Why add games into your app that you dont care about? You dont use FBL or any other emulator, yet you want them all under an app with you attached as the head of it. You are a simple piece of work to figure out. You just want all the people out there to credit you for other people's hard work. That does the XBox users you need no good at all in the end. They will soon find that out the hard way.
  3. This is the part where I must give a huge THANK YOU to both Nes6502 for porting FBL and Kenshiro too for keeping FBA XXX Pro 1.29c going so long. i would be very sad to see you both go. i wish there was a way to change that, but I do understand well enough why things look grim for the scene. thanks Nes for creating an app that is the most up to date emulator the xbox has. thanks kenshiro for contributing to it graciously and doing a great job with everything when you were running fba xxx pro. same thanks also for xport, gogo ackman, iq_132, +T+, elsemi, bendermike, $HK, all the skinners, and anyone else I left out. It was hugely appreciated.
  4. You have driven off nes6502 and who knows how many other really talented coders. That's what you wanted. You wanted all the attention for yourself. You had trolled other threads even before nes6502 started FBL. You like trying to bully and rattle others, but don't like it when it backfires on you. It really has this time. So you don't use other emulators? Is that right? Instead you only use other emulator sources under yours, not the emulators themselves. That means you do use other emulators while pretending they're your work. yeah. Whats with this word "passionate?" Is that what you felt as you were sitting back watching nes6502 get all that great feedback, gratitude, and attention for trying to keep the Xbox scene alive with the only new app we've seen developed in years? He contributed a phenomenal update to us that I didnt even get a chance to thank him for before you stole it. Your "passion" is for people to kiss your ass and you will steal and step over people to satisfy that. I feel nothing but disappointment as i respond to you. In reality, I feel sorry for the users and other developers who will suffer because of your actions when all is said and done. You have never learned to control yourself and not enough people were around to give you any reason to change. if users want to express their approval of the way you do things, then so be it. I'd let you have the Xbox scene too. Users who cant see this are not worth taking the time to sacrifice so much of one's life to. Let's see you keep the Xbox Scene going Mr. VIP. You are better than everyone else remember? You are the "great" BP. So keep the scene from being stagnant like you've done with ConOPS. After mulling that one over for a bit, I wish you luck with that. I wont be supporting you EVER, but there are others you know of who are still devoted to you, over the Xbox scene itself. By the way, that nice guy "I'm so innocent act" is so old now. just so you know. over and out.
  5. the difference is, it was you asking nes6502 to make some real improvements to your app just a short while ago. Now you go and steal his work. You deprived the scene of some good benefits with your selfish immaturity BP. You care about keeping a mass of users around who will worship you out of blind ignorance. How long will that last? You talk about other people having no skill, but you don't have the skill to keep the Xbox Scene alive. Not by yourself. Especially considering how you had to steal and beg others to make real improvements to your stagnant app. ConOPS should have been laid to rest long ago. At this point, it exists as a tool for you to get your ego stroked for minimal efforts on your end. You are still around even though you claim to be "gone." The dead horse was dragged over the finish line for as far as you could take it long ago. iq_132 has made all the meaningful improvements recently. I salute him out of sincere gratitude for doing what he did for you, but he really did it for the scene like the class act that he is. This is really a shame for all the people who don't realize how much we're losing in the end. Every time there is a thread like this, you are always involved BritneysPAIRS. You will continue this perpetually because it makes you feel relevant. As if. Thanks for driving off our talent.
  6. Oh I play plenty of games. We all do. We can already play nearly all of the games you're adding under your hood and trying to get credited for someday. Have fun with the attention.
  7. Again, MAME on the Xbox (and ConOPs) really needs a core update more than anything else. You are skilled remember? We aren't. So when will you get started on that core update? Hopefully that takes priority for you when you do your next underground release. Go ahead and close this thread. When the going gets tough.... Stop with the PR moves at this point already. We see through it. Unlike you being gone for good, this here is for certain: I wont ever be downloading your build. When you look at your stats, you should scratch one off the tally for sure. I already have all the apps from their original authors just a few extra button presses away. Who knows what else FBL, or other projects could have offered the scene had it not been for your lack of decency.
  8. Sure BP. Whoops. I meant M.I.A. Whatever you say. Cut the PR facade already. You know what the right thing to do for the scene is, but you always find a way to put yourself first. Some people just can't see that. All they see are your incremental updates comprised of work either done mostly by others or taken from others, with a fancy title attached to it. If you worked on CoinOPS and got help from the other developers who offered it or gave you their consent to add their work, that is 100% fine. But that isn't the whole story with you and you know it. It's funny how its always you who trolls the threads made by other developers who are trying to produce something good for XBox users. It's always you who has issues with other developers or talking down to users who don't kiss your rear end. You seek to draw all kinds of attention to yourself, be it negative or positive. You NEED this and you know it. Your drama has hurt the scene dude. I used to be a defender and a believer and I wanted people to just leave you be so you could keep your apps going. Then I saw everything for what it truly was. Even how stagnant ConOpS is without willing or unwilling contributors. People can wish for you to hang around and beg for more of your antics, but I will not. You've done more harm to us than good at this point. All you had to do was show a bit more decency and respect to other developers. They are the ones who keep the XBox Scene up and going. i hope you havent set that back or destroyed it this time. MAME on the Xbox (and ConOPs) really needs a core update more than anything else. You are skilled remember? We aren't. So when will you get started on that core update? Hopefully that takes priority for you when you do your next underground release. Go ahead and close this thread. When the going gets tough.... Stop with the PR moves at this point already. We see through it. I wont be downloading your build. When you look at your stats, you should scratch one off the tally for sure. I already have all the apps from their original authors just a few extra button presses away.
  9. That's what he's claiming now, that he "only used Final Burn sources." The FBL core was definitely in there if you bothered paying attention to the original posts in these topics. You're basically saying good riddance to a great developer like nes6502, who clearly expressed his disapproval of BP's move. So instead, BP's made it so the "lowly users" like us can insert all the cores ourselves easily. All under his app. You don't see other devs going about things in this manner in any way, whether its just to steal attention or the actual improvements others bring to their own apps. Most other devs know not to put their personal glory ahead of other talented contributors. They don't usually trample over each other with so much disrespect. Though there is definitely stolen SDK involved in all XBox homebrew, proper protocol was established long ago among the people who brought these apps to you and I with that stolen SDK. That counts for a great deal here. Now I guess we will all be back to being Saints again. Because why should any developer with any talent bother working on the Xbox, when some vulture is just waiting in the wings to snatch their contribution? All the while not even given them any acknowledgment. It will be very interesting to see how things go. Good luck to all.
  10. This is all BS from you. If anything, YOU are the reason that people are leaving the scene BritneysPAIRS, aka mister "not so" M.I.A. You played this your way and now you dont wanna take the heat you brought onto yourself. The scene is deeply hurt by your jealousy, envy, and lack of consideration for the other contributors to the Xbox Scene. Homebrew users will feel the pain of this, whether you stayed around tinkering with ConOps or not. Losing nes6502 and people of his stature is all because of what you did. It's not because of users telling you how poor your tactics have been. You stole the work of a top quality dev who was not completely finished with his project yet. You didn't even follow his requests he laid out for those wishing to build onto it after he was done. You didn't release it on Xbins, through 1emu, or Xbox scene. You didn't respect his wishes in any way whatsoever. You just inserted his freshly ported core and gave it to a fanboy of yours to distribute underground for you underhandedly. That low-level tactic is why devs are leaving. And I don't blame them. I blame you.
  11. So my account date tells you how long I've been around? You agreed with Searius. He says he's used MAME for years (and I believe him on that), even though his account was made here in '08. I'm not new. I've been around for quite a while. Long enough to finally see that everything people said about you was true. You see that this topic is meant to be a petition for a core update. I ask again, why have you not done one for as long as you've had MAME all to yourself? You see Cbagy and most people here hoping someone does it, but why can't you do it? Oh that's right, youve done all you can do with CoinOps. Out of respect for +T+ as a developer, I won't go any further with you. In the end, I give my support to an update of Xbox MAME in the end CBagy. I support your petition.
  12. The people who create and develop these emulators should get their credit too. Just as the makers of the games got their credit when the games were released years ago -- through sales, user reviews, and critical acclaim. Nobody does anything for free, even if it is "free" for me or you. If someone worked a 9 to 5 making something I had no interest in buying or using, I'd still say they should get their due credit/compensation for it. If they don't or someone steals their work and passes it off as theirs indirectly, then the result is usually a cessation of the work being done. It's pure logic. But anyway like you said, that's all. The relevance of this issue to the thread is, no one is going to step up and do an Xbox MAME core update without some serious thought and reservations about what happened today with BP. There's how your beloved MAME goodness is being hindered. The core is indeed ancient on all Xbox Mame versions, ConOPS included. It will be a miracle if someone chooses to deal with this problem. MAME for the Xbox needs a core update more than any other tinkering around in other areas. Who's going to do it just so BP can take it and call it ConOPS R6 Showcase Reignite Plus Extra? Devs used to show each other a lot more respect and the Scene benefitted for everyone. It matters that that environment is pretty much gone.
  13. How many times have u said that? You will surely come out for another grand larceny if the opportunity presented itself. Pissing off other truly skilled devs who have a LOT of new things to offer is worse than piecing together an app of their existing work and releasing it underground through some fanboy of yours just to get credit. People aren't realizing this to their own detriment.
  14. You seem to be choosing to miss the point intentionally. That is quite fine. Time will tell how many devs are interested in working for BP. If you don't help him, he literally "takes" your contributions as his own anyway. I also used the earlier MAME ports for years, but as I said the Xbox Scene is not just about MAME. If it was, then BP would not be adding code from other apps that are dedicated to the hardware I named. You can condone BP and his antics however much you like. But coding for the greater good is not the same as coding for BP's good. Users like you are more than likely the majority. But you all need to try to take off the blinders of selfishness that are making you shortsighted for a moment. Well, maybe not. Think how you want to. The developers understand the point I'm trying to make. Nes6502 especially. Let's see if BP can keep your scene alive Searius. Give him all the validation he needs. There are many more people out there like you. Your input is welcome.
  15. You don't seem to understand. There is a very real likelihood that you will not be getting any further Xbox support form the people who actually lended it their talent due to this latest action taken (again) by BP. I know you like his stuff and you're a casual fan of his, but the Xbox Scene has always been about more than just his app. Put bluntly, if no developer besides him had ever worked on any XBox apps, then you would not have any XBox emulators. That is the reality of the situation. You love the games. Without the developers who brought MAME, SNES, Genesis, KI, FBA, N64, etc there would be no games for you, no MAME on your Xbox, no nothing. That's all there is to it.
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