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    Coinops 3.

    it is a serious issue. You play and appreciate the games right so you can surely see that. We are building on the work of others with the xbox ports. The code licenses should be followed. Not a difficult thing to do either. Why would you have a problem with that ? or more importantly, instead of what seems like defending the indefensible, why not encourage BP to adhere to the license, so we can show some respect to the hard work and time of the mame developers.
  2. exobuzz

    Coinops 3.

    Just to note - coinops should also distribute the sourcecode with the release else it is a breach of the mame license. It is just plain wrong not to adhere to their ilcense, whilst we are benefiting from their work. I also expect the same if modifying the XBMC code as I have read on BPs forum. the source code must be released (at the point of any binary release). BP if you are reading this - please correct this and release the sources for coinops 3.
  3. Thank you! I can wait. I hope you are able to leverage some of the USB interface code from XBMC4 xbox since it seems to have a pretty wide range of mouse and trackball support. the mame license isn't gpl compatible so I can't use code directly from xbmc4xbox. I can use it for reference though for ideas how to make stuff work.
  4. I was going to add trackball support into mameox starting with the code from coinops, and then testing/changing as needed. I have a trackball here I want to use myself, so it is just a matter of me finding some more time to look at it, if you are happy to wait a short while.
  5. Oh and in the meantime, I have uploaded the source to github https://github.com/exobuzz/mameox I converted the old sourceforge cvs to git first (so we have the old history), then overlayed/updated to the last source from XPort. It's a starting point for me at least. I plan to pull the mouse support out of http://code.google.com/p/coinops/ as a next step and make sure it all works on my system.
  6. i sent a pm to HK$ via this forum, but his last post was 2006, so I'm not hopeful :/
  7. It's even simpler a matter than that. The mame license states specifically you must release the source. It should have been done along with the binary release. I realise when it comes to xbox binaries the license issue regarding the xdk is a tricky one, but there is really no excuse to shaft the creators of the source we have all benefited from, by not adhering to their license. Unfortunately, it seems a far too common practise on the xbox1.
  8. HK must have them though i guess ? he shouldn't have released the binary without the source really :/
  9. Have the sources to mameox v0.84.3b but not the mameox128 plus. Anyone have a copy or know where I can get them (didn't see em on xbins).
  10. I must be tired. I see the code has multiple options for different key combinations to pause the game already. - I can probably just switch it to one of them. doh yeh - pausegame = 2 does the trick. It is mentioned in the Release notes, but not which buttons map to which pause setting. I can see clearly from the code, but are the ini values documented somewhere and I have not been looking in the right place ? since the last patch wasn't particularly useful, I thought id change some code around in this function anyway, as there was a bit of duplication http://malus.exotica.org.uk/~buzz/xbox/fbl...nu-plus-c.patch you could remove the for loop, but using the switch & bool saves having multiple if statements with the same code in. I'm just having a look around the code anyway, as I was thinking to have a go at implementing native x-arcade support without the adapter as I mentioned before.
  11. I got an xbox adapter for the x-arcade stick, so that it now maps directly to xbox gamepad button presses. So now it works with final burn legends out of the box - almost. The only issue, is that the ingame menu is only accessible from a right thumb press from the first controller, and the x-arcade has no way to send this input. I have made a quick patch, that allows the thumbstick from any controller to be used, so i have my x-arcade in ports 1 and 2 and then a normal controller in port 3. Might be easier still to assign the in-game menu to another combination of presses perhaps, based on a "x-arcade" config option, but this will do for now. http://malus.exotica.org.uk/~buzz/xbox/fbl...ntroller-.patch
  12. I've no clue about that really, and I'm not sure how appropriate a public repository would be given how disorganised and experimental my work on FBL so often is. The Xbox scene is so small nowadays, just a core group of people so it's also questionable to how many people such a thing would actually be useful. Of course I will always release a full sourcecode with every build of FBL and I'll gladly share my WIP source with anyone who wants it. well, you dont have to push experimental stuff to the repository, but the advantage is, you can have a history of changes, and if something breaks, its much easier to debug/roll back/revert. It's also easier for people outside of the project to submit patches. sure the dev scene is quiet but not dead yet - xbmc4xbox still gets patches from outside the core devs. I tend to use source control even on private projects, just for the capabilities of making experimental branches, then merging back when ready, having a history of changes, and all the other stuff it gives. worth looking into imho.
  13. do you work on the source within source control locally? One thing I think would be useful, not only for yourself, but for others, would be a public source repository. Personally, I don't do much coding without these days (not always public but with source control).
  14. I have bough an adapter now. £34 with postage. ouch ! I had a brief look at the code, and I was thinking it might be possible to add some code to the xbinput source, so allow keyboard presses to be seen as button presses. then I thought, it could probably be done in the bios. then I thought I should probably just get the adapter . I might have a play though just to see. you paid £30 for an x-arcade stick or you mean the adapter? £30 for a stick is a bargain. I just paid £110 for my tankstick (second hand).
  15. I have a request/idea, although it might be some work to implement and there is a workaround with hardware but I thought to mentioned it. If FBL could be controlled via usb keyboard, or allow control mappings to work with keyboard presses as well as gamepads, then any usb arcade sticks that cause keypresses could work with out additional hardware (apart from a cheap xbox to usb female adapter). In my case, it could allow me to use the x-arcade without buying another £30 adapter to convert the keypresses to xbox gamepad presses. just an idea anyway.
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