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    Saturn. Living with Mr.Saturns. ZOOM
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    Earthbound,Starmen.net,computer,youtube,youtube pooping,posting,living,dying,killing,and BURNING.

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  1. ...Where is the question? FAIL
  2. Then I nominate me for best Newcomer and my cookie for TEH BEST WARRIOR OMGWTFBBQ!
  3. *ahem* Heh,thanks. EDIT: Agozer, you monster! Undead mummy monster! You killed meh. I will be missed. (not really XD) EDIT2: I have it now,still laggy.
  4. Ok,I forgot where I got it,and Google is not helping. Link much?
  5. Sorry,it's just that alot of people don't know what Earthbound even is so...yeah.
  6. Actually,it's a refrence to the Mother series,impying I eat any Mother video game.
  7. Well,This VBA-M build has no percentage,but it's build 400 or something.
  8. Hey,you strange non-Earthbound fan! Don't go to Heaven! (whoever gets it wins 1000 internets) EDIT: Sorry for bumping
  9. I LOVE Pokemon Ruby,however it lags on VBA-M randomly. Help? OR ELSE
  10. You see,at Starmen,we give badges to people who do certain things. Either it is suprising a admin,or something. 1Emulation might be even cooler than usual with this.
  11. Hi,I am MotherEater. I came to show my love for Earthbound and Pokemon. I hope you can accept me as a good member,thanks!
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