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  1. Oops... It was right in the readme all along. (MI_1.zip, MI_2.zip) On some other notes though, and correct me if this is the wrong thread for this... Does anyone else have a problem with Gauntlet 1 & 2 looping at the title screen, making them unplayable? And one last final question. The Final Burn core, does it use a different/newer MAME set, and can I use the newer rom-sets for those specific CPS1/2 games?
  2. Only two things I've noticed so far... If I place the mk, and mk2, zipped folders in 'romsMIDWAY' folder, they aren't detected in the menu. If I place them directly in the 'roms' folder, they appear, but without sound. Also, is it possible to play Cruis'n USA with a regular controller? It wont let me past the wheel calibration screen. I do have a steering wheel for the Xbox, but I'd rather not dig it up for a single arcade game.
  3. Thanks for the help BP, and for adding roms not working in the standalone MAMEoX releases! This project is one of the truly great things left for the original Xbox. BTW - Can anyone tell me if there's someplace I can find pre-made preview shots, videos, and descriptions for the menus?
  4. Okay, got it. But..., I'll probably try again with the new release instead. Can someone tell me which version of the MAME rom-sets that the MAMEoX, and FBL cores use?
  5. Okay. I've downloaded the CoinOPS Epic R6 binaries package, and FTPed it to my Xbox. When I went to load it up, it went to a screen with the header "CoinOPS" displayed. The problem? There's nothing else. No menu options, nothing... with or without MAME roms added to the "roms" folder. If I press the left joystick down, start, or the A button, CoinOPS crashes, necessitating a reboot. The other controller inputs have no effect.
  6. Hi, I am trying to create a selfbooting Dreamcast disc with CD-DA. It's not an actually Dreamcast game, but an emulator for it that will play games with cdda. I figured the principal would be the same and all though, with the emulator binaries - 1ST_READ.BIN, IP.BIN, etc... So, what I tried was following this infamous tutorial below. Problem is that my dual-boot Vista 32 & 64 bit setup, with it's specific disc drive, won't run CDRWin, and it fails with Cdrecord every time. I've tried several different versions of cdrecord, and using cd-rws for testing purposes, I got nowhere. Are there any alternative methods/programs to do the above task of a 1st session cd-da track, followed by a 2nd session 9660 iso track?
  7. I recently acquired a couple TG16 games off the net, but I want to play them on a portable device. Unfortunately the emulator is a port of HuGo, and as such it works best with the "HCD" format content files. I need to know how to create the MP3 files, so that they're compatible with the emu. Does anyone know what settings I need to rip the tracks into MP3s, like bitrate, stereo, etc..? And, could someone show me, or give a link to how to create the "HCD" files themselves?
  8. Bump. Well I have a standard 17 inch CRT monitor, flatscreen, which is why this confuses me. I've changed the 4:3 ration, set custom res sizes, anything I could think of.... and nothing. It still SLOWS down majorly. Using Mortal Kombat 2 as an example, it goes from 50(+) fps with slight sound static to about 20 fps with major sound static. My monitor must not support the default auto settings, because this issue occurs with "every" game I've tried with fastMAME 0.98b. Most of the other older games like TMNT, X-Men, and Street Fighter II all play fine, even with changing the default resolutions. Any ideas? Has anyone here ever used an older desktop PC to create a dedicated classic MAME cabinet?
  9. I'm trying to get some older MAME games running on a older PC. But... I seem to be having a slight problem with the display on the games. Here's my main ini file: ### fastmame.ini ### ### Frontend Related ### clones 1 ### Windows path and directory options ### rompath roms samplepath samples cfg_directory cfg nvram_directory nvram memcard_directory memcard input_directory inp hiscore_directory hi state_directory sta artwork_directory artwork snapshot_directory snap cheat_file cheat.dat history_file history.dat mameinfo_file mameinfo.dat ### Windows video options ### autoframeskip 1 frameskip 0 waitvsync 0 triplebuffer 0 window 0 ddraw 1 hwstretch 1 resolution auto refresh 0 scanlines 0 switchres 1 switchbpp 1 maximize 1 keepaspect 1 matchrefresh 0 syncrefresh 0 dirty 1 throttle 1 full_screen_brightness 0.000000 frames_to_run 0 effect none screen_aspect 4:3 ### Input device options ### hotrod 0 hotrodse 0 mouse 0 joystick 0 steadykey 0 ### Mame CORE video options ### bpp 0 norotate 0 ror 0 rol 0 flipx 0 flipy 0 debug_resolution auto gamma 1.000000 ### Mame CORE vector game options ### antialias 1 translucency 1 beam 1.000000 flicker 0.000000 ### Mame CORE sound options ### samplerate 44100 samples 1 resamplefilter 1 sound 1 volume 0 ### Mame CORE misc options ### artwork 1 cheat 0 debug 0 # playback <NULL> (not set) # record <NULL> (not set) log 0 ### Configuration options ### readconfig 1 verbose 0 This default configuration displays the games slightly off-center to the left on my monitor, with part of the game display being cut off. Other than that the games run well, and with little, to no frameskip. I'll use Mortal Kombat 2 as an example. The problem I'm having is that when I tried to get a friendly display, either by changing the line: resolution auto to resolution 400x254 Or by changing the line: switchres 1 to switchres 0 With either of the above settings, the game display size is better, but it also makes the game run horribly. I don't understand why, but the only problem with the default setting is the off-center, because the resolution, sound, and FS are good. I'm actually going to play the games using the defaults, unless someone else can tell me how to keep the performance, with other resolution settings.
  10. Well I was able to find an alternative to the SVC Chaos issue, but what I really wanted was the "Super Plus" version. Which I have as a recognized in MAME, along with "Last Blade 2", but they're impossible to find in Neoragex form. Unless of course you didn't miss the boat like me from about 5+ years ago. I take it then that the Neoragex dats only allow for rebuilds of other Neoragex version roms? How did their come to be two completely different dumps for the same games, notwithstanding changes between "versions" of MAME/Neoragex? Does anyone have any links to tutorials on rebuilding any version of the MAMEset roms into a format supported by other emus? I only ask because, while FBA is awesome with the CPS1/2 games , and plays CPS3/NeoGeo games alright, Neoragex 5.2 nails them dead on. It has blitter support, and it runs up to the 2.3 uni-bios.
  11. I was having problems with Neoragex 5 recognizing my rom...most notably SVC Chaos, and Last Blade 2. Then I realized that neoragex doesn't use the MAME rom standard, yep, I'm bit of a newb to arcade emulation. So I thought I create a dat from the neoragex generator, and run my roms through it. ... ... ... It only found the BIOS roms . Any ideas why? Do I need to convert the roms to an older MAME set, then use the neoragex dat? Is it possible the neoragexdat generator function doesn't work? Could someone up a working dat if that's the case? Well sorry for all the questions, and thanks for taking the time to read this.
  12. Hi, I following the instruction on this thread to run the Launch elf: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=28441 Now how do I install the Memory Card exploit? Sorry for being a newb, but I wouldn't know where to start.
  13. Can everybody who has done this successfully start a compatibility list with the games that work? So far we have: 007 - Agent Under Fire, Region = Ntsc (U), "driving.elf" = Jakk 2 - Demo, Region = Ntsc, "???.elf" = --Edit-- It seems the link to the required files is down, and I didn't want to double post. So, would someone be able to specify exactly what programs and version are needed? I googled launch elf 4.21, and I all came up with was a "uLaunchElf" 4.21. Is that the same thing? The link from two posts above has the Apache (v1.1), but also has the uLaunchElf program on-site.
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