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  1. If I Were u, I'll Start With Wario Touched Feel The Magic is Awesome Too u Know it's Ur Choice After All
  2. I'm Still in Blue Chamber it's Creepy Wicked I Like Creepy Stuff
  3. See L.S.D it's Easy, With Some Help U r WelCome RaZer I Hope u Like it
  4. I'm Sure This Will Help Viridian Room Walkthrough Good Luck
  5. Hey Agozer I Didn't Mean That u Know, I Mean I Found it a While Ago Don't Bother u Can Do it L.S.D Ask Me if u Need Any Help I'm Trying 2 Finish The Blue Chamber
  6. I Found That a Long Time Ago it's a Cool Flash Game I Thought Some 1 Will Like it Maybe Any Way FASCO-CS Enjoy
  7. Happy I Changed it Back & I'm "HE" 4 God's Sake
  8. Thanx GryphonKlaw, U r Enthusiastic Too Enjoy This Crap Drake Ya SalaAam Ya Si Elazul Yagami Khush Alyya Khush Lo0o0oL & What's Wrong With That! We R Having Fun Here & I'm Enta Mush Enty I Love 2 Be Nice & Kind With Every 1 That's All, is That a Crime Salam L.S.D Thank u Chaotica, it's Really An Awesome Show
  9. Hey GryphonKlaw What's Up But it Still An Awesome Show Hi NeoMaster Wo0oW That Was,.,.,.,.Never Mind Thanx 4 Ur Reply Any Way Best Regards 4 u All
  10. Hey Agozer That's So Kind From u Thanx Alot 4 Ur Reply
  11. Hey robbbert, The Episodes Title In English u Wish L.S.D Thanx 4 That Link RaZer Enjoy The Funny & Bloody Show Guys
  12. Hey Guys How's Every 1 I Have a Nice Gift 4 u All Check it Out u Gonna Love it 4 Sure it's Funny & Bloody a New Awesome Episode Has Been Updated Happy Tree Friends WebSite
  13. Hey Guys Long Time No See Any 1 Have it I Was Just Wondering Thanx Alot In Advance
  14. Thank u So Much alexis That Link is So Amazing Good Job &Thanx Again
  15. Co0oL Thanx random guy I'll Keep That In Mind
  16. Thanx Mgbenz I Really Liked Ur Screenpacks Plus The Stages Too Thanx Again Dude Keep it Up
  17. Wo0oW That's More Than I Tought Thanx Alot Junior Chillage Keep it Up
  18. I Already Downloaded http://www.attic7.com/unofficial/No_limit_Winmugen_patch.zip & http://www.shinmugen.net/dev/index.php?showtopic=2073 (The Files From This Link) Then What! WinMugen Has 10 Blocks 4 Each Character, I Want More Blocks More Characters What Shall I DO
  19. Hi Every 1 When I Run WinMugen I Get Only 3 Characters, No Need 2 Name Them. I Have KOFZEV 1.2 & I Want 2 Add All The Characters! is it Possible? What Shall I Do, I Missed With The Data File But No Use Please Guys Give Me Some Help BtW! WinMugen ROCKS
  20. Hey Guys I'm Looking 4 That Game Since a Long Time I Can't Wait 2 Play Capcom Fighting Jam But! I Want 2 Play Red Earth 1st But I Couldn't Find it Yet So Please Do Me a Fever & Help Me Here I'll Be So Thankfull
  21. Hey Guys , It's Me Again How Is Every 1? I Need Ur Help Guys I've Been Looking 4 The OST But No Use I Wonder If Some 1 Can Help Me Out The Most Important Song is The Ending Theme Which Called Kokorowo tsunai de Any Other Samurai Shodown , Samurai Spirits 64 OST Or AST Will Be Nice So Please Guys , If I'm Not Bothering U All The Time Thanx Alot In Advance, Take Care, Bye Now
  22. Hey Guys, Guess Who Is Here How Is Every 1? Long Time No See The Game Looks So Ewwwwwww, The Art Of The Characters looks So Awful, Well Some Characters Looks Good The Old/New Power Modes & Who is The Boss? Young Geese. I Hope They Will Fix All Of That Before It's Too Late Hey GryphonKlaw I'm Gonna 2 Take My Guess About That Chick She Is Kula I Like KOF, I Love KOF So I'll Be An KOF Fun 4 Ever, No Matter The Bad Stuff In Any Of KOF Game BtW!?! I'm Gonna Post A Happy Tree Friends Link Here, U Know It Guys! Right? It's So Funny, Enjoy It Here U Go http://oasi.upc.es/~kiusap/flash/happy_tree_friends/ Take Care & Have Fun Bye Now
  23. Hey Guys, It's Again Thank U So Much Ryuken 4 Ur Help, That Means Alot 4 Me I'm So Happy Because I'll Be Able 2 Run MuGeN As Soon As I Download The Free Dos I Hope U r Not Talking About Me Mr.alexis I'm Always Nice With Every 1 If I Didn't Reply Back Any Person That Fast, That Doesn't Mean I'll Not Reply Him. That's If U Were Talking About Me. Any Way, Don't Worry, No Hard Feeling See, It's Nice 2 Be Polite, U Always Feel Good About Ur Self As A Thank U Gift I'll Post A Happy Tree Friends Link, I Know That Most Of U Guys Know It! Right? Here u Go http://oasi.upc.es/~kiusap/flash/happy_tree_friends/ It's So Funny, I Hope U Enjoy It Guys Thank U Again 4 Ur Help Guys Take Care & Have Fun Bye Now
  24. Hi Ryuken, I'm Having The Same Problem Here, When I Run MuGeN It Ask Me If I Wants 2 Change Video Mode 2 640x480 I Press y Then The Screen Flash & Close It Self I Saw That U Managed 2 Run It In Win XP, Unlike Me I've Downloaded MuGeN 2 Or 3 Months Ago, But I Still Can't Run It. I'm Using Win XP, Also I've Downloaded The Fixed MuGeN, The Patch & Still No Chance I'll Be So Thankfull If U Could Help Me 2 Run MuGeN No Fear, I Want 2 Play MuGeN Too ,But I Don't Know What 2 Do! I'm Trying My Best 2 Run It But , Please Help Me Too Please Guys , Be Nice & Help Us Thanx Alot In Advance Take Care & Have Fun Bye Now
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