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  1. Damn. I havent been around for awhile. I read back through this topic and thanks to all on kof2003. I have it running in Nebula and here is the dat I used. System: Neo RomName: kof2003 Game: The King Of Fighters 2003 [Program] 271-p1.rom,0,800000,8740E1A5,0 [Text] 271-s1.rom,0,20000,C47F8AC3,0 [Z80] 271-m1d.bin,0,80000,E86AF8F,0 [samples] 271-v1d.rom,0,400000,D2B8AA5E,0 271-v2d.rom,400000,400000,71956EE2,0 271-v3d.rom,800000,400000,DDBBB199,0 271-v4d.rom,C00000,400000,1B90C4F,0 [Graphics] 271-c1d.rom,0,800000,E42FC226,0 271-c2d.rom,1,800000,1B5E3B58,0 271-c3d.rom,1000000,800000
  2. You need the s1 rom with the crc that it asks for.
  3. Sorry James. I was just commenting about internet connects.
  4. Man I feel bad for people with a slow connect. I barely can remember back that far. Where I live they just got this crap called Grande and its fiber optic cable to your house along with your phone and tv for like $70. I havent tried it out yet. EDIT: Please stay with topic of this thread James
  5. I wonder what issues. I used the universal p1 rom and mine works in nebula. I played it all the way through. Are there some issues with that the m1 fixes?
  6. James, can I try out that new p1 rom you were talking about? And thanks again for your help with my questions yesterday.
  7. I apologize. I read more and figured it out. I got my dat file and p1 rom correct and running in Nebula. Thanks again.
  8. I just got kof2003 and mame 32 plus of suprnova.
  9. And would that work in nebula? Or could one be made also?
  10. How do I get Ms5 to work in Nebula? First I have the updated p1 rom. I have the 30mb mslug5nd.zip. Do I need to unzip if first then replace the p1 rom inside with the updated one and rezip? I think that is probally wrong. So what should I do? Is there a way just to cut the updated p1 rom into the zip? And when that is done I have a dat file that is supposed to work with kawaks and nebula. http://www.neogamez.net/Downloads/Utilidad...ades/datms5.zip Just getting into emulation and first time on a forum so I'd appreciate any help.
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