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  1. thanx for the link.. but what emu should be used? as well the dat file? it sounds stupid...lolz but I dont have any idea how Im gonna play it thanx
  2. I just want to say thanx for the link thanx boomba and spiffy
  3. lolz that guy is quite rude...coz the way he ask for roms..lolz
  4. here is a combo guide for those who want it.. http://www.gamingmatrix.com/kofonline/Imag...F2003/Moves.htm
  5. gamefaqs.com http://www.forumplanet.com/PlanetDreamcast...inagi/index.asp
  6. yea your right...Im having a problem with that one...and sometimes they just sit and looks they are not moving...I have to press a button to make them move..lolz
  7. thats weird I play two Chizuru...and they work and they have 3 life bars like when you fight the last boss
  8. its mame32 Plus Edit corrected the name of the emulator that currently runs the kof2003 rom James
  9. To use Arcade or Console Mode. -After you launch the MAME32plus -Right click on the KOF2003 rom -Select Properties -Select the Miscellaneous TAB -Under BIOS, select Europe MVS (ver. 2) for CONSOLE MODE, selcet US MVS (ver. 1) for ARCADE MODE.
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