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  1. i may have to go back and play those again but Tyrian holds a special place in my heart. Holocube plot development, melancholy music, awesome ship upgrades, and a dope 2 player co-op mode... dizamn. I'll admit it's sorta easy and fluffy a lot of the time... guess the fact that it's been almost a decade doesn't help my recollection either.
  2. thanks mate, now i have kof2k3 with linux.
  3. MAME runs slowly because it focuses on accurate emulation first and speed/optimizations second- it's intended to preserve classics not to use pirated new games.
  4. good call. the forum helped me find some drivers. thanks to disoblige for the links. I'm still looking for a samsho5 driver though. edit: nm i should read official threads more often. sorry for the inconvenience folks.
  5. I'm fan of SNK games but I use linux so I can't just use kawaks or neoragex. Are there any drivers for mame/xmame/advmame yet?\ thanks.
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