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  1. oh and arjay, do u mean that AIM is causing the rom 2 actually crash or are u just in fullscreen and loosing focus awkwardly? prolly stupid 2 ask but hey... sometimes it's that simple...

    no actually im saying that i havent had any problems with the 1.48/dev version. i play it in a window and people message me all the time and it works just fine. i think james is the one who has that problem.

  2. -legend of kage on NES

    -Macross M3 on DC (the game wasnt that bad!)

    -gunbike on PSX (some import game where you can transform between a motocycle and robot...mospeeda style)

    -Sword of Berserk on DC

    -i dunno if this counts, but i really loved Battle Arena Tohinden 2 on PSX. the game was kinda popular around my neighborhood though

    -Machine Hunter on PSX


    ...theres tons more, ill have to think

  3. two things:


    1 - This hard way I'm trying is really hard. But I'm not 100% sure it will work. If I make you work and the result doesn't comes, I think you will be REALLY MAD!


    2 - It's personal. I must finish this myself.

    I hope you get the p rom working. so it will work on the other emulators that kawaks dev is not meant for public use and has many problems

    it crashes when i have AIM running and a message is sent. the normal kawaks does not do that.


    so good luck i hope it works out :blink:

    really? i have yet to experience that

  4. street fighter III 3rd strike



    because its not too complex, in that all you have to do is choose your character and your super art. let the skill of the fighter determine the winner of the match. there is only a few fireball/uppercut characters, and they all have a little twist to them. imo this is capcom at its finest.


    on top of that the graphics are amazing!!!



    runner up: sfa3

    the ONLY thing keeping me from choosing this game is that the music, imo, really really sucked. i hated it (cept akumas and dans theme). i was kinda upset when it came out, just because sfa and sfa2 had somewhat of an old school feel/presentation to it. sfa3 is still a great game.

  5. depends who i am gonna play:


    beginners - sagat/ken

    normal players - sagat/ryu

    experts - ryu/ken


    when i use ryu i can keep up with almost any gamer, because hes well rounded. i use sagat if i know i can dominate or somewhat control the tempo of the match. anyone who plays smart and fast will own me while i use sagat. i use ken to get on the offensive from the get go. if that dosent work out, hes fairly strong fast enough to keep up with better players.


    i never use akuma cause i always thought hes a huge cheeeeese.


    i use guy if i feeling bold. :D

  6. for some time now, ive been using the loader for kawaks 1.46 to play some of the newer games (svc chaos, metal slug 5, samurai shodown 5, rage of the dragons). i downloaded these games and emulator from neo arcadia, when they used to have them up.


    is there anyway i can edit/change these roms so they work for the 1.48b/dev version?


    even better, is there any sites that have these roms working for the 1.48b/dev to download?


    i only use this version for kof2k3, and id just like to organize my roms a bit more. thanks guys.

  7. hey whats up again guys, i was wondering is it possible to play with other people online on different emu's? my buddy uses mame and i use winkawaks and we wanna get a svc match going.


    oh yeah - does playing on different versions of the same emulator matter as well? (i.e. kawaks 1.46b & 1.47)?


    thanks guys,


  8. its good for collection though

    Yes, if your really into collecting Neo-Geo games...Hell, I haven't bothered to get Samurai Shodown 1-3, Last Blade etc. etc. because they're basically the same game as the last installment in their respective series.

    i have to disagree with the samurai shodown comment. 1 + 2 are most alike, but 3, 4, and 5 are not very similar.


    btw i dont collect neogeo roms, and ive got the whole series. :P

    3 = different? It's still a Samurai Shodown game. I do have 4 and 5.

    i think that samsho3 is the one that stands out the most, it had the chargable pow meter, it was the first time they implemented the slash/bust system, and the sprite animations are a bit more fluid too. they only had 1 life bar, and this was when they added very strong attacks to the characters. the matches would be really fast because of this.


    sorry its off topic, but isnt this why threads are so great? they spark conversations.

  9. this skit(s) are very very funny. if youre a fan of will ferrell, i suggest you find a way to view these. they arent on the 'best of will ferrell' dvd, id catch them on comedy central sometimes though.


    btw, what time does e! air snl? ive yet to see it on this horrible channel. man i miss seeing snl 3 times a day on weekdays and for 5 hours on saturday afternoons on comedy central. damn e.

  10. i think the game is great, but i dont like the direction they are going in. ss4 was so dark and serious, i loved it. i think the game's new characters look too 'rpg-ish' rather than samurai. that red thing is just freaky, i seriously got goosebumps when my cursor highlighted him in the charcter select screen. yoshitora looks freakin cool though, although i have to agree that he is one of the more cheesy characters. i think ukyo (my fav character) got cheated out of the this time around. i always thought he was one of the stronger characters in ss4, esp his bust mode. in my observations, his moves are slightly weaker. all in all, its still pretty damn fun and im thankful that another one was released.

  11. for hip hop, the best year by far is 1994. too many good albums came out. as far as eras go, probably from 86 all the way up to 96 or 97. by 1998 the industry was already flooded with materialistic blingbling hip hop. dont get me wrong, there are plenty of artists today, independent and major label alike, who keep things true to hip hop's roots. however, these artists dont get much exposure.

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