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  1. Baseball Stars 2. That game kicks ass especially with a human opponent.

    Pulstar. Hard as hell, but well worth the trouble. Awesome visuals. (See: Blazing Star)


    IronClad (Neo-Geo CD only though)

    How can you forget Last Blade 2!? [/menacing voice]


    Twinkle Star Sprites and WindJammers: Awasome 2P action.

    haha...i kinda just grew bored of last blade 2. i thought the mood it set was just too boring and serious. thats just my opinion though. :)


    ill have to check out windjammers

  2. neo geo has its share of amazing AND bad titles. this is what i made of my collection:


    kof 98

    metal slug (all of them)

    shock troopers

    sengoku 3

    kof 2003...it is probably my favorite kof now that ive played quite a few times

    puzzle bobble

    neo drift out new technology

    samurai showdown 2, 4



    blazing star


    i know im forgetting a few, anyone care to add?

  3. that whole thing about svc and ss5 for ps2...even if they were approved by the SCEA i dont think they'd sell very well. people wont shell out 40-50 dollars for a fighting game anymore, for the same price they can get a insanely deep game like gta or final fantasy.


    i think they should focus on adding more features to their games to attract the audience that the new age consoles have made. a practice mode and codes for bosses wont cut it anymore (maybe for some of us fight fans, haha 8) ).


    im thinking of something along the lines of the soul blade quest on soul blade for psx (and soul caliber for dc) or the world tour mode (i forgot what that mode is called) on sf alpha 3 on psx. hell, even the tekken force mode for tekken 3 was fun for a little while. and it necessarily dosent have to be something of these formats. the people at snk/playmore are geniuses, im sure they can think of something great.


    if snk/playmore invested a little more time and money to cater for the console crowd, i think it would payoff.

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