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  1. xxxHellsFuryxxx also due to the name ill not be answering any questions as it makes you look like a tire kicker. Off topic, and the answer is no, this is easy to do for the stand alone version just cant be done (without alot of work) in the full version for reasons ill point out soon when I tell you guys my plan of attack for the future


    thanks for the response, there was another user who already had the name hellsfury so i had to change it up with the xxxx thing. Didn't mean to look like just another troll or what-not. I don't post alot on forums but just wanted to ask about those 2 games. I sent you a pm stating an apology for going off-topic as i should have read from the beggining.


    once again great job on everything, it's awesome that you're doing all this work, i'll just keep my fingers crossed that one day you decide to try your hand at these 2 games. Looking forward to your future releases.



  2. i thinkit is possible to add drivers from a different core as progear wasnt emulated till mame0.90.

    bendermike added drivers to play hyper streetfighter2 on bendermameox.so it might be possible.


    thanks for the reponses guys, i'm just hoping to hear something from britneyspairs about it, it seems feasible but then again i'm no coder, i know in the past i have seen posts about these 2 games people wanting to have in mame on xbox. If progear can have updated drivers then surely bonk's adventure and fixeight can, lol. :( ((don't take that the wrong way)



  3. lol thanks


    just a quick simple question for you Britney's. Will we ever see bonk's adventure on mame for xbox? I'm crossing my fingers on it, it runs on kaneko16c driver if that helps.


    It runs on mame but the screen is all garbled, same for fixeight which is another really great game. Any info from you would greatly be appreciated. Anyways good work man as always man, i love your releases.



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