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  1. Great release! :) ...although I am having one little issue trying to run Galaga. I have tried a couple different roms sets and I keep having the same issue. When I load up the rom, it will go to a screen that is upside down saying the ram rom check, number of quaters, etc and it will stay frozen on that screen. Any suggestions?

  2. sorry to ask again +T+ but would it be possible for you to code and option into FBL so onscreen gun crosshare can be toggled off and on

    in the emulator menu it would be a cool addition

    If it's a quick addition, I'll get it in the next build. Otherwise it can join the queue. :wink:


    hey +T+, great work and cant wait to try it out. any eta? no rush, just wondering. :)

  3. SNES9XBox Super Nintendo Emulator for XBox v3


    by madmab.


    there is a lot of info for this release unfortunatly the board wont let me post all of it as there is to many characters so you can view the entire release info in the readme file below.


    thanks to everyone involved with this great release.



    Thanks fu! I've also got a nestopiax update coming down the pipeline. ;) good time to be into xbox stuff!

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