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  1. one can wish though i doubt it. lol. theres so many unheard of games out there we will never see. in case you havent been on lost levels recently you should read the posts about the unreleased license to kill game. it looks pretty cool and theres another game i remember called sunsofts vs. lionex. i hope that one can make it out one day. looks like an early arcade version of blaster master almost.

  2. i wonder what the running total would be for all nes games, famicom and nintendo would be. even the ones that are yet to be found or never will be. hellraiser for nes anyone? lmao. strangely enough there was a screenshot for this game though it is widely thought that the few copies were destroyed. :P

  3. hey bp i had a quick question for ya, on some of the nintendo vs. games, like vs balloon fight and vs. tennis, its shows the dual screen like it was in the arcades, is there a way to just have one of the screens show up and not both? just wondering if maybe you know how to fix this??

  4. That is funny, check your batteries, those Logi's are all i use and I have NO issues with lag.


    really? when i tried it it was craptastic lag-ariffic, LMAO. i put in new batteries too and still got the same result. i had always heard just how awesome this controller is so i dont know what the issue is. ill have to try again later i guess. :)

  5. hey frank, could you at least send me the files so i could have this cool ass skin or help you release it? and yea i do need to change that avatar sometime. my xbox would love your great skinning work, im surprised no one has made a skin yet for nestopiax, im still floored at just how awesome this emu is, hell i even made a fix for it for xbox just havent released it yet. let me know man~!




    EDIT*** hey frank i even fixed my avatar so hop to it! LOL :)

  6. its pretty dang awesome, the demo that is. the demo can be found rather easily let me know if you cant find it. When it was found it was in an unfinished state but when it was repro-carted the dude hooked it up and added stuff into it i think. Let me know when you play it and like i said ill hook u up with the demo rom if you cant find it.

  7. hey fu, had a question for ya, ive got a copy of zanac x zanac that i play on pcsxbox and it runs like ass, is your version run that way as well? the music is kinda buggin out and everything, sounds like clicks i think on the nes one especially, let me know how it runs for you, and something else strangely enough, symphony of the night kinda stutters on my pcsxbox now too, which is weird because it used to not do that, LOL.


    and one more thing if someone can let me know if they have a good version of theme park that plays audio in the videos like where you ride the rides let me know.


    and also to stay on topic, been playing recca on nes, freakin amazing, i know you can appreciate that game too fu! :P

  8. I couldn't be arsed to read the above waffle, i don't want to bring up the past for requested CoinOps vids i made for BP.

    What i will say is though, you'll be suprised how many Xtra's feature in CoinOps, no need to say anymore.


    waffles... . ;)



    sorry for the randomness just wishing we could all get along

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