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  1. "Mortal Kombats with Sound" i assume that would be ALL mortal kombats? if so i will shit my self ^^
  2. but the REAL challenge for BP is ultimate MK3 NO ONE has been able to get it running at full frame rate with perfect sound come on BP answer the call please PLEASE i will donate to your hard work
  3. where is the download for this AWESOME release?? will a FULL build be uploaded to usenet? and is ULTIMATE MK III playable that you BP for your OUTSTANDING work once again!!
  4. first off GREAT JOB!!!!!!! id LOVE to be your tester now of course you know i am going to ask but any work on MK3 and ultimate MK3 running at full speed with sound?? i know i know i dont mean to keep on asking this but man having those running at PERFECT speed and sound along with the fixed version of the arcade version of Golden Axe II would just be simply AMAZING!!
  5. SWEEET!!! an arcade build! any word on the mk games are thy running with FULL speed and sound?
  6. well i was really really hoping for the midway drivers to be added so that ALL the MK fans can finally enjoy the actual arcade version of Ultimate MK III
  7. SWEEEEET! glad to see your working on the MK stuff now again i can not WAIT to play UMK 3 with perfect fps and sound!
  8. Hey BP whens that next release i have FTP access if you need a place to up it
  9. can you put ALL the final fantasies and ALL the Resident evil PSX games in?
  10. the next release is going to be EPIC!?!?!.............. any ideas on when?
  11. i say slap in the midway drivers and make a release
  12. i am REALLY LOOKING forward to the next release i can not wait to play ALL the sweet N64 games in coinops aswell as adding full xbox titles into it as well
  13. Mslug 6????????????? or do u mean that bootleg mslug 3? if it is Mslug 6 ive never seen that in rom format
  14. ofcourse Midway Drivers to play ALL MK games perfectly uuum, update the sega32c so that we can get the Golden Axe II arcade rom to run with out glitches hmmmmmm
  15. ive been looking on usenet i have not seen ANYTHING about coinops or its progress can you tell me what group your upping it to? abgx has nothing just resurrection C*AP!
  16. Isn't there anyone here who has emumovies in High Quality ? Or anyone willing to spend 25 dollars to get the emumovies HQ sets from emumovies.com for NES, SNES, MegaDrive, SMS, GG, Lynx, N64, SegaCD, PCE, PCE CD and make them available to BP ? You get acces to the HQ stuff on their FTP after donating. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is there anyone with upload privi on TL and IPT ? Or high enough userstatus to make a request for it ? It is an official scene rlz now, which pred today, so it fits all their rules, but since I hardly use these sites, I do not have the required user status. OMG now that i can play ALL my MK games with sound and full speed emulation i want to donate!!!!!
  17. yeah i agree with adding a ps1 core BUT i would recommend cleaning it up for full speed emulation i can not WAIT to play ULTIMATE MK3 !!! in coin ops! What other cores are in so far?
  18. Well Madmab is working to perfect those so you may see them suddenly appearing in CoinOps soon. Then again, most of you knew that already anyway, didn't you ! lets not for get midway drivers as well as the updated sega32c driver so we can ALL play golden axe 2 arcade rom with NO emulation issues
  19. thanks grr! question will it be tonight you think?
  20. can some one up the 15 gig version to use net please?
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