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  1. Andy's Sprites were made by modifying Gato sprites! So does anyone know if we are ever get a dump of 2003 that works with all emus?
  2. Heylo peeps yeah I IM kinda new just wanted to say hi to ya all!
  3. I just wanted to complete a romset s'all If some could help in another way that would be fine
  4. I need help to encyrpt the the v roms to make them 2 roms instead of 4 roms and make them from these CRCs: 264-v1.bin,0,400000,5c77a3fe,0 264-v2.bin,400000,400000,a9b7af14,0 264-v3.bin,800000,400000,17aff92a,0 264-v4.bin,c00000,400000,bc6a091e,0 then change them to these: 264-v1.bin,0,800000,FA005812,0 264-v2.bin,800000,800000,C3DC8BF0,0 can anyone point me in the right direction!?
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