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  1. To K`dash: You really hate this awesome game? So, why have you there link to Guilty Gear XX Festival Tournement Video? If you are interested where I get the news, here are the two links: 1. http://www.insertcredit.com/ 2. http://www.blood-sports.net
  2. Thank you for info K`dash. I heard that Guilty Gear XX Reloaded will be released on PC on the 23rd of July. It looks that PC will have the best 2D martial game.
  3. Anyone know what is the difference between Guilty Gear XX and Guilty Gear XX Reloaded? Thanks
  4. Best PS2 games: Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Soul Calibur 2 Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1 and 2 Final fantasy X and upcoming Mortal Kombat Deception!!! PS: I don`t have a PS2.
  5. Is there any chance to slow down some games (such Street Fighter: The Movie, Dragon Ball Z 2) in the Mame32? I didn`t find any option in the Mame32 for speed. Can you help me? Thanks
  6. It works now. It was my fault, because I used wrong Mame32. I used UltimeMame32, where it writes this error. Thank you very much for your help and your patience.
  7. To James. No, I don`t need the 271-s1.rom. It was in the Kof2k3.zip, which I download. But if i try to run this game in Mame32plus, it says 271-s1.bin NOT FOUND. When I tried to rename 271-s1.rom to 271-s1.bin, it says bad CRC. What should I do? Sorry for niggling
  8. To James. I read this and I have this fix but it doesn`t work with mame. I need not 271-s1.rom but !! 271-s1.bin !! and this file isn`t on this page. Thanks for understand.
  9. Yes, the link works but I need 271-s1.bin not 271-s1.rom.
  10. Please, can someone tell me where to find file 271-s1.bin? Thank you.
  11. I tried some links that I found, for example www.suprnova but it isn`t now there!
  12. Please, can someone tell me where to get King of Fighters 2003 rom on Mame32? Thanks
  13. Thank you very much! But I have a problem with connection to all servers. It doesn`t show any servers. Maybe it`s because I have there firewall. Do you know how to cancel the firewall. For example if I use Direct Connect I must in setting change active IP to passive IP than the firewall is canceled. Thanks :]
  14. Please, can you tell me where can I download the hack mame 64? Thank you, and sorry for nagging. :]
  15. Please, can someone tell me how to play KoF 2002 in Mame 0.78 on net? I would like to play this game with intelligent users. :] Thanks
  16. I had download from http://www.snkx.com/ fighting game SNK Vs. Capcon Chaos on NeoRageX but it doesn`t work. It writes unable to run program roms. Please, can someone help me? Thanks
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