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  1. People who are unaware of other peoples consideration, and the dutch.
  2. YAY!!!!!! i hope its real. i wonder what the game is called. This will definately change peoples mind about sonic if its real.
  3. It varies every year what day it is in. Sometimes its april, sometimes March. Mostly april though.
  4. HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!! I 'm bored now. YOU STOLE THE FUN IN MY LIFE!!!!
  5. I watched the simpsons movie... it was ok... a lot worse than what i expected.
  6. Yes you will, but i heard they don't cost that much. don't try to play a Japanese game on your console unless you have a converter.
  7. That's pretty hard. uhh... i think i would go bungee jumping, i would eat A LOT OF junk food... uhhh im not sure what else XD.I would probably other than that, just chill with my friends.
  8. How many trophies are there in SSBM? I've got 279. I know im missing Diskun, and Crazy hand and the gamecube trophy. Is that all of em?
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