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  1. 3 Seeds 20 Leechers 338 Downloaders...... So 315 people should be ashamed of themselves. But they're probably not , cause they are the scum of the internet. This does not apply to ALL but to most. Damn people..... BP did all the hard work your job is easy. If I was BP i'd be insulted. Please people show your support by BETA testing, and seeding......... WAR. Peace.
  2. I vote A. Do we have a timeframe on release of arcades 2.0 My xbox is hungry. Peace.
  3. Just post'in to say thanks. BS Just my way of showing i ...support.... the cause. Peace.
  4. Hello quick Q. Has C been released and your now working on D. Or is everything still in Beta. Peace.
  5. Hello All. First off My lovely Greek Goddess. This is your show. Do what you want. 2nd = C is probably best for the community. After that ....... D is a cool concept..... Maybe better Played out on a Duel Layered DVD. But really folks.... in xbox modding 2008. shouldn't we all Have at least a 400 gig HD. Maybe C should be played to the masses but D is HD Territory. I Remember releasing a set on sky years ago. I didn't try to please anybody and ended up pleasing many. So this post is only for the goddess..... I remember reading one of your first post. in the sense you were willing to help out. or should i say yearning. you stand so knowledgeable now. it makes me jelouse. Love YA peace
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