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  1. DANG GUYS SORRY FOR BEING NEW THIS WAS THE STUFF I WAS TALKING ABOUT JUST PICS just tell me how your suppossed to delete this and ill get rid of it. I didnt think this was going to work anyway
  2. I think my first anime was pokemon. When I first saw it i was like WTF A TURTLE ON TWO LEGS
  3. I sometimes have a problem when i drink water that i feel something is stuck to the back of my throat when my throat isnt even sore so i dont know if you have that problem but i occasionally do
  4. Yea ive heard about it and i like the way sonic moves when he gets smash orb or whatever its called. He flies in Super Sonic mode while you control him with the pointer
  5. Post your favorite pics here. Try to make them uber funny
  6. Ive heard about the Darth Vader and Yoda addings. AND THEY SAY WTF IS YODA DOING IN SOUL CALIBUR?
  7. The song that got me into music was the first U.S. song for Death Note.
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