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  1. I will roll over in my grave the day that they let the public vote for winners at the Oscars.
  2. Hey fellas, are you sure this movie didn't come out at Sundance two years ago? Check out this link: http://www.time.com/time/archive/preview/0...-190934,00.html
  3. Gill is pretty easy. You just have to hit him right when he starts to regenerate. I think the hardest boss for my was Deus from Xenogears. The game was set up so that if you beat one of the four sub bosses, it would weaken the main boss, Deus. Instead i figured out how to beat him without going through any of the subbosses, because they just ended up weakening my characters. took me like 3 weeks to beat him like that and in the end i made up my own strategy guide on beating Deus just not to forget how
  4. Well, they made us write poems in English class recently, and being the political events addict that I am, I wrote a funny political poem. Enjoy. Democratic Candidato en Staccato By George I. Once upon a time there was a boy named Bush His Dad had an oil field But the son was in no rush To reach his birthright Go to Yale and become President Not by the popular vote But the winner was evident So said Judge Rehnquist Lo and behold, three years passed The country was in turmoil War and Terror Forget the Peace This ain’t no Tolstoy Going after Saddam and Bin Laden While Kim Jong il munched his Ramen So our great leader said WMD And off we went Reborn was Patriotism It was the true time to feel like an American A year from which we stood shyly No weapon was found Not even a missile Or plutonium wizzle Torches ablaze, Democrats rang The Doorbell of the campaign house 04’ was painted on the door And it was their time to fight for the White House An election war First there was Dean, the left wing lefty He was so popular His campaign donations were hefty And then arrived seven others Kucinich Who ate mucho spinach Sharpton Who lived in a bourgeois reverend’s apartment Clark Who was out of the political ball park Gephardt Who gave the unions their part Graham Who was as old as green eggs and ham Brown The motherly voice That acted pro choice Lieberman Who needed to chill out on conservatism and get a tan Edwards Who just pretty please wanted to play nice And then came the storm One “specially interested” Senator came into the fray John Kerry A small time player Who months earlier did not have a prayer Meanwhile, Dean got mad He had spent all his moneys And the voters picked Kerry Bye bye to the Vermont Governor’s honeys Now Dean was not happy, He became mean Scared all the little children, In one werewolf-like scream And that was the end of the $40 million wonder Dean’s reign was over Kerry was on fire Saying that the President conspired To be AWOL from National Guard Duty The White House screamed: “Liar!!” And that’s how it started, the Great 04’ race Muckraking and lobbyists Politicians with untruthful tastes And what of Edwards, the good little boy from NC? Well, for him it probably isn’t meant to be Possibly VP Or an early retiree But we don’t know yet Republican or Democrat? The votes are not set It is all in your hands, dear American citizen Now is the time to decide, And elect your President
  5. I'm trying to put AVI video files onto a VCD. I'm using Nero 6 Ultra Edition, and midway through the encoding process it gives me an error. Now, I've done this before and have had no problems until now, so I'm betting its the version of Nero that's the problem. If somebody could suggest a good VCD burner, it would be really helpful.
  6. Mine has always been that way, I'm not sure why though....
  7. Just curious, since I know that really lends a lot to the whole emulation experience. I have a PS Blaze Double Arcade Board (the control is digital but I got it new for a bargain of $15 from EB.com while it was being sold for $80 at Buy Rite Games) which I have hooked up to a PSX to PC Super Dualbox that i just received today from Lik-Sang. I also recently ordered an SVC Capcom Ver. arcade stick, though I'm not sure how much better that would be than my Blaze board, since the USB Super Dualbox which I got today has greatly improved its sensitivity.
  8. I'm waiting for Last Blade 3, even though number 2 didn't suit me all that well. Why do I think that the game is even coming? Because coinopexpress.com (The arcade games and parts distributor) confirmed that it will be receiving stock of it during quarters 2-4 04'. btw I've been lurking around this board for quite some time but finally decided to post. My name is George and i'm finally catching on to the whole Neo Geo fanaticism (I don't know why I find it so appealling now, I've played certain SNK games since 1999); I started out as a Capcom fanatic (the first game I ever bought was a bootleg version of SFII for PC). Anyway, I'm glad to be here and hope to be one of your brethren .
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