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  1. I see that some people have pretty big avatars.... I try looking around for the rules concerning the size of the avatar images but I couldn't. What is the max size of an avatar and signature image?
  2. That sounds pretty good but who here has the power to do it? It's nice that people have input in this forum but are the ideas implemented on the forum or just future projects?
  3. It's 13:15 and this is just another boring day at work. Let me know if you guys want to play anything online. Anyone for a game of PC Halo?
  4. Sorry for posting this here but I don't even know if you have a PC Emulation section. (Yes I looked) So what do you guys say then.
  5. Well... I had this game since it was first release into the wild last week sometime... But I was just wondering if anyone in this forum would like to play it online. I would like to play vs people that I know (some of you I know don't think that just because I don't post I don't read). So if anyone owns this game and would like to play online please post your Halo nick and what time would you like to play.
  6. I really don't care for this drink... I like the regular but I think I can live without it. I like the comercials though.
  7. Time Crisis... just because I spent many good times while playing this game on my college....
  8. With any of my girl friends (not girlfriends).... unless I'm hidding from all of them too, them I'm screwed. I love to just chill with one of them.... go to their house (or mine) and just watch a movie while eating something hot... (it's getting pretty cold here in chicago). I like to just drive on my car and race a few show offs. That always lifts my spirit.
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