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  1. Well, my Mameox doesn't load at all. I give it alot of time. Just says "loading. PLease wait..." Did I install it wrong? I just threw it onto my xbox, and created a roms directory in the main folder. Please let me know, I'm looking forward to using this thing.
  2. After I start mameox, it says "loading. please wait..." but it never loads. Any idea why this is?
  3. I have the Power Instinct rom, and I would like to get it working on my xbox. I've tried a few emulators including FBAx(the regular one and a hacked one), KAWA-x and a mame emulator. None seem to play them. How do I get it to work? Must I rename the rom files? Please let me know if you have the answer. Thanks.
  4. haha I know...They dont do anything thoug nor do the triggers
  5. thanks for the help. I was also wondering why I only get 4 punch and kick buttons with this emulator?
  6. I have that french hacked fbax, and Im having a strange problem. For all my fighting games, it starts with 4 credits automatically, and I cant add any more. Maybe I'm overlooking something really obvious, but has anyone else had this problem? Fortunately I can pass most of the games with the 4 credits(on standard difficulty), but sometimes I need more, help!
  7. Does anyone have a link to the FBAx.xbe file needed to run KOF 2003? Also I need the romset list, Im not sure if you need to rename the rom files. I have The.m1d and.s1 files for the rom, are these the only fixes I need? Thanks for helping me out Im a little slow lol Edit: I tried one of the links in this thread for the.xbe file but it didnt work. Plz try to keep all fbax questions of downloads and link here instead of making another topic - PRican25
  8. Well, I was told it works with "kawa-hex"...Yes, please someone clear this up. I'd like to get this running on my console. Even though Im still playing 2002, i thought it was pretty tight
  9. Well, i would like to get kof 2003 working on my xbox. I have Kawa-hex, but I would just like to know how I need to rename the romset for kof. the roms I have in the file are: 271-c1d to c8d, m1d, p1 p2, s1, v1d v2d v3d and v4d. I have this link for the fixes http://alphabetman.greatnow.com/ SO I should easilly get it working simply by renaming them? Has worked in the past. Please help me out, if there is a good resource to find how to rename romsets that would be helpful, there are a few games I would like to get working. Thanks
  10. Is there any way to get these 2 running on my xbox with kawa-x? Please let me know, I've been searching around, havent found many answers... Thanks
  11. Hey, been reading the thread, sorry if I missed something to answer my question, but is there a way to play kof 2003 on kawa-x?
  12. Does anyone have the romsets for kof 00 an 01? I'm trying to run them off kawa-x, but they dont show up. I thought they were legit games, and did not need to be renamed or special m and p roms? Also, I cannot run Metal Slug 4. Any version of this rom I get Has only 6 c roms, but its supposed to have 8(according to the kawak-x screenshots). Anyone know where to get the full thing(I guess I will post this question aswell in rom request thread) Anyhow this is my first post here, seems like a solid place for info in a sea of filth. Hey all!
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