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  1. Gryph
    So my past two blog posts were rather short and pointless entries that I was in St. Louis. It was quite an experience for me. During the orientation session of my second interview (Tuesday), the dean came in to inform us about the coming bad weather that would most probably ground our flights (we were all from out of state). That was very bad news for me since I had a major History test the next day I was hoping to study for when I got home. Every chance I got I checked the flight status on the computer and it still said "On Time." But just a few minutes before my actual interview at 1:00 PM, I checked my flight status, along with another applicant, and we were quite dismayed to see our flights canceled.
    Right after the interview I raced over to get my bags and head to the airport so I could try to make arrangements and get some meal vouchers or a free hotel stay out of them but all I got was a flight the next morning at 6:50 AM. It was the only flight going to New Orleans that wasn't fully booked thanks to Mardi Gras. The next morning I get up at 5 AM and skip my shower because I have to get to the Metro by 5:30 so I can be at the airport for 5:50. I arrive at the Metro in time and everything is making good progress until after that 3rd to last stop from the airport there is this loud BUMP! noise. The train slows to a stop and the lights go out. This is not good. The time is now 5:45 AM. So the people behind me start complaining and getting belligerent that they'll be late for work. The girl I was riding with, who also interviewed with me, was not pleased at all since that day was her birthday and it was already ruined for her. I realize it's no use complaining since we're in the middle of nowhere in freezing cold (oh yeah, I'm not used to snow and major cold since I'm from the deep south) so I just kick up my feet on the seats next to mine and relax and call the airline to try to make some new arrangements. I realized that if I don't make the flight I won't have to take my History test so I don't fret at all.
    However, we're told that a new train is coming from the other track that normally goes the opposite direction so all the trains are delayed. The time is now 6:25. I arrive at airport terminal at 6:30 and have to stand in a long time to get my boarding pass. By the time I get to security it's around 6:40 (flight leaves in 10 minutes) and that takes about 6 minutes. I learn that my gate is at the absolute end of the concourse so I have to run with my heavy backpack, suitbag, and long overcoat. I get there at 6:48 and thankfully the plane is delayed a few minutes otherwise I would not have made it.
    What a crappy day that was.
  2. Gryph
    I got my first acceptance to a medical school today so my sabbatical is over. Even though it's for a state school, it's still something so I can now relax. I still have more interviews to go to at some more prestigious places but the urgency is much less now.
  3. Gryph
    I am going to take a sabbatical from 1emu and the Internet in general for a while. There are just some other things I need to focus on. Don't be too naughty.
  4. Gryph
    This morning on the radio I heard for the first time Gnarls Barkley's cover of Gone Daddy Gone by the Violent Femmes. I think it's a very good cover. What an excellent song.
  5. Gryph
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    Yay admin powers.
  6. Gryph
    Introversion is releasing Defcon on the 29th which you can pre-order from Steam for just $10. Looks like a fun game and I've been enjoying their earlier 2 games. Support independant developers!
    I've also been playing both Quake 4 and Half-Life 2 again. Quake 4 is a fun game though not something I would pay full price for. I got the special edition DVD for $20 from Fry's. Half-Life 2 is, of course, definitely worth it. This is my 3rd time playing though HL2 and I'm still not tired of it despite it's linearity. Just a great game through and through.
    On the non gaming side I'm still trying to write my college application essays as well as trying to do well in English and Spanish.
  7. Gryph
    This past weekend I took the MCAT exam, this week school started, I have the AMCAS application due soon so I have to get my Personal Statement all perfect, and I need to write descriptions for all 10 of my extracurriculars. God I hate this. I thought the classes I signed up for this semester were going to be easy but what a load of crock that was. After this AMCAS is sent off and verified then I'll be inundated with secondary applications where I'll have to write a minimum of 3 essays for each (I'm applying to about 30-50 schools so do the math). (((((((((((((
    I hope to become more active soon and help get 1emu v.3 on the path to completion. I wanted to talk about stuff that GameCop mentioned in his blog but that will have to wait. But if any thoughts or suggestions about expanding the site's content then please comment here.
    And the most immediate reason I haven't been around is that my main harddrive crashed and I had to install a new drive, format, install Windows, and start from scratch. I hate technology.
  8. Gryph
    Although my primary blog is at http://www.freshyk.com, I shall update this thing every now and then. Perhaps I'll write about my experience as an admin to give you guys some insight as to what we all do to keep the site running.
    I'd like to thank GameCop for working incredibly hard to bring everyone this update. And remember, this is just version 2.9, just wait till you see 3.0.
  9. Gryph
    Although it is Friday the 13th, it is already one of the better days of my pitiful life. I got my scores back from the test I took in August and my scores really improved. I'm in the 90th percentile and am competative at all schools now, including Ivy Leagues.
    Holy crap I am so relieved. I couldn't eat or sleep and was shitting liquid for the past few days because of the anxiety.
    Now back to working on my damn presentation for Monday.
    Remember guys, there is no substitute for hard work! /the more you know
  10. Gryph
    Writing sucks. I have about 3 pages of essay topics that I need to write by end of this month. On top of that I have to worry about my English class.
    Besides that I've been watching A LOT of Lost. It's such an awesome show. Probably the best non-comedy show I've ever seen.
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